Why preschool Teachers are lowly paid and part timer staff?

Preschool Nursery Kindergarten Teacher Jobs Average Salary in India Top Metro Cities

A Nursery Teacher in a ‘Metro City’, asks for a Salary of Rs. 30,000 Per Month and interviewer felt like ROFL (Rolling on the Floor laughing) …

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First basic step to ‘Problem solving’ is ‘Identification of the Problem’, but, in India what should precede this is ‘Acceptance of the problem’. Because, in India, most of the time, when we see a problem, firstly, we try to make it non-existent. We behave, as if there is ‘no problem’ at all.

‘Preschool Teaching’ is even not considered as a profession, what to speak of having career, career path and career progressions etc. So, any salary which we would pay to preschool teachers cannot be deemed to be high.

  • What is stopping preschool entrepreneurs from paying good amount to preschool teachers?
  • Are ‘Teachers’ not worthy enough?
  • Is there a situation that ‘parents’ are NOT willing to pay enough for ‘good quality’?
  • Are ‘Entrepreneurs’ keeping too much profit with themselves?

We at ‘Preschool For Child Rights’ conducted a Survey in top 12 cities of India, and came up with very interesting findings.

‘Preschool For Child Rights’ opines that ‘Preschool Teachers’ are paid too little (so little that it is not even worth mentioning). We want this to change, for the sake of our ‘Preschool Education Business’. It is also worth mentioning that, Teachers, Principals, Entrepreneurs and Parents too, all are part of this ‘Preschool Education Business’, and each should get fair dealing.

Very soon, we will publish our all findings and many new things, which we are coming up with.



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