What are the Problems faced by Preschool Principals Teachers due to Questions posed by Parents

Problems faced by Preschool Principals, Teachers due to Questions posed by Parents:


Generally parents asks such questions from Preschool Principals, Preschool Teachers –

“What is happening in the preschool”,

“What has happened today”,

“Is there something that could/should be done at home?”,

“What is this worksheet all about?”,

“My Child told me about this Activity, what this Activity was all about, may I ask for full information”,

“I intend to prepare my Child for mainstream Schools, what shall I do at home”,

“My child would be on holiday to grandpa’s house, what shall I do there”.



Everyday Preschool Principals, Preschool Teachers faces huge problem in communicating regarding such things  with the Parents, because of one or more of these reasons –

1. Preschools Don’t have any Curriculum at all and each day teacher takes up class as per her whims and fancies

2. Curriculum is a copied pasted stuff from here and there, and none team member understands it much.

3. Teachers might be competent to deliver the Curriculum but not competent enough to communicate with others.

4. Teachers have already too much workload and teachers don’t have time and so cannot give much time to parents.

5. During, Parents Teacher Meetings also, teachers are confused regarding what shall they talk regarding curriculum as they don’t have one.

6. Worksheets are simply copied pasted things and teachers do not have any idea about what to speak about it.










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