Top 5 Pre Schools in India (Preschools / Play Schools / Nursery Schools / Kindergarten)

Top 5 Pre Schools in India (Preschools / Play Schools / Nursery Schools / Kindergarten)

Detailed and Current Market Research Report on Top 5 Pre Schools in India (Preschools / Play Schools / Nursery Schools / Kindergarten) is important for preschooler’s parents.

Most of the parents planning to start Preschool, does so through their hunt / search for Top Pre Schools in India (Preschools / Play Schools / Nursery Schools / Kindergarten)

Chit Fund – Cheat Fund…

Then came – Ponzi scheme…

Even, Emu Farming got SOLD in India and entire India was cheated, nobody gets worried…

Now … Preschools / Play Schools / Pre Schools / Nursery Schools / Kindergarten (keep reading to check on the realities about Preschools / Play Schools / Pre Schools / Nursery Schools / Kindergarten in India).

Let us start deciphering the realities about the Top 5 Pre Schools in India (Preschools / Play Schools / Nursery Schools / Kindergarten). For this purpose, it is strongly suggested that the parents must go through this Article in a very proper manner and must also go through each Article linked from this Article.

Situation of CHILD and Early Childhood Care and Education in India is even beyond pathetic. There is NO central Act covering entire ‘Early Childhood Care and Education’. Pre School / Play Schools / Preschools / Day Care / Child Care / Nursery Schools / Kindergarten are treated by the Central Government and State Governments as some useless thing.

Now, several States in India has come up with separate Play School Laws / Preschool Laws. Read More about it here – Play School Laws / Preschool Laws 

Even those states where the State Government has come up with Play School Laws, situation is still far from improving, because of these reasons – the Law is also not appropriate and application of Law regarding Curriculum, Education and Assessment is still absent.

Before proceeding further with the discussion about Top 5 Pre Schools in India (Preschools / Play Schools / Nursery Schools / Kindergarten), readers are strongly suggested to go through these Articles as well :- 

India is a country, which is too much lacking in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) related initiatives, and this situation is worsened by Preschool Franchisers by operating Preschool Chains, allotting Preschool Franchises. Irrespective of the fact whether you are much exposed to media or not, you will not fail to notice that a huge ‘marketing umbrella’ is targeting your child in every possible ways. When it comes to ‘Pre Schools’, most of the Parents end up looking for Preschools using name of popular preschool franchise chains. (Parents must also understand that being ‘Popular’ is NOT the same thing as being ‘Good’. E.g. Dawood Ibrahim is popular but, is he GOOD???

So, here in discussing the Top 5 Pre Schools in India (Preschools / Play Schools / Nursery Schools / Kindergarten), we will primarily discuss ‘Preschool’ and ‘Franchise’.

What is Preschool? –

For 99% Preschool owners of India, it is just a place to ‘TIME – PASS’ the child.

What to do in these Preschool? –

Well, NOTHING. Absolutely nothing is required to be done in Preschool. Child enters Preschool, do one dance, one rhyme and one painting (for parents to see) and tata bye bye …

How to hire and what to Pay to Teachers? –

Well most of the people who are modest enough to not Knock hard on the doors of so-called India Inc or a forced ‘sit-home’ mother will come to preschool and now just keep them and start …
And, the payment; well, what one would expect in such circumstances?

How to seek admission in Preschool? –

It completely depends upon the type of ‘pathetic parents’ (customers) market has.
In some market, parents look for great looking buildings; in some market, parents look for good-looking principal; in some market, parents look for nicely stacked ‘useless toys’; in some market, parents look for good marketing brochures; in some market, parents look for good lunch on ‘sports day / annual day’; blah blah blah @$&%#

So now the reader must have completely understood about ‘PRESCHOOL’.

Let’s move on to ‘FRANCHISE’.

What is Franchise? –

In typically Indian context, it means that, when one DO NOT have anything to do and most of the resources are lying idle, and a huge greed for quick money, start ‘FRANCHISING’, and most often, start extending – Preschool Franchise Opportunities.

See the ‘common found’ type of people / so-called companies / big corporate, extending Preschool Franchise Opportunities –

1. A book publisher and distributor, is also a toy distributor, suddenly awakens to find the piled up stock and no-easy route to sell, mints a formula ‘franchising’ and starts extending Preschool Franchise Opportunities.

2. Now several book publishers finds this formula – “book publisher equals to successful preschool franchiser”. Several book publishers start preschool franchising. Seeing such huge rush of book publisher into preschool franchising, even ‘Khoon ki pyaasi chudail’ book type publisher also starts preschool franchising.

3. So-called big (rich) company working into so-called Education business finds, voila! we are already into education and these outsiders are minting money. Board Meeting – New Proposal – Stock Market – Start Preschool Franchising.
So, Sir! What do you OFFER in Preschool Franchising?
What OFFER??? WE offer our NAMEeeeee (hu ha ha ha ha hu ha ha ha ha).

4. Now, there is a Web developer (now also called UX/UI designer), having visited so many preschool franchising websites, hits upon the idea. What man, I can develop better ‘WEBSITE’ than these oldies and even my “SEO’ skills are perfect, besides so many linking websites are already in my loop.
Let’s jump man, directly into it, what? – What, what? – Preschool Franchising what else?

5. Engineer is watching all this, what yaar, I visit so many blogs and so many websites daily. I am better at web designing and also better at SEO, so I AM THE GUY WHO MUST BE INTO PRESCHOOL FRANCHISING and now entire India will taste my own ‘malai-daar’ Preschool Franchise Opportunities.
But, dear! How to name the business? – OK, some slightly oldie guy is having a name ‘TEKO KIDS’, so I will name my business as ‘KETO Kids’.

6. Now, MBA is also watching all this drama. MBA guy submits project report on ‘Preschool Franchising in India’ in his college and his guide awards him/her (so that he quickly gets certificate and vacates his seat). MBA guys comes and the picture changes.
How to name the business? – Well, Either pure German / Latin / Greek / Spanish type name should be kept or pure ‘SANSKRIT’.
Customer (parents) ‘perplexed’, thinks – What a name boss. This NAME suits my ‘Child’.
Balle …Balle …
And so MBA also starts preschool franchising and extending Preschool Franchise Opportunities.

7. ‘Makaan Maalik’ (Bungalow owner) is watching all this. Bloody … these guys, nobody is taking my Bungalow on rent? Ok, I will start my own Preschool. Lo bhaiya, baanke-laal ne bhee shuru kar di apnee sakool. (Behold! even the dumb-guy has started his own preschool). But now, see what, it is NOT that much interesting. His agent suggests, Sir, you have a separate preschool and also separate ‘OFFICE’, so let’s do what every ‘tom-dick-harry’ is doing, What? – Preschool Franchising, What else?

8. Media owners also see preschool franchising through their own eyes (naturally). They said, where all these preschool franchisers place ads, on our platform. So, we will also start preschool franchising.
Thus, media houses also jumps upon making available so-called ‘preschool franchise opportunities’.
What you will offer, sir?
What a stupid question, we will offer our BIG NAME.
What more, sir?
We will offer TV, wait big TV, wait convert it to something better, ok, ok, Digital White Boards. (Thus, they attached Digital White Boards in their offers).
Everything, works, right! Because, in any way, preschools in India is just a place to ‘TIME-PASS’ the child.

9. Other Institute owners / Institute chain owners are watching all this. Now, there is also a ‘khaali’ (out of job) spouse, let’s do it now, what both of us always wanted – Preschool Franchising.

10. Now, an expert NGO guy walks in (NGO expert means expert in funding not social works). He/she sits on laptop (idhar-udhar nahin). Starts preparing …. what? – Deck, what else?
Deck to seek ‘Fund’.
Deck to seek Employee.
Deck to convince NGOs.
Deck to convince Govt bodies.
All done.
Big Financial wizards walks in….
All formulas are mixed.
Voila! New Opportunities are created …new ways of appointing and soliciting franchisees are created.

11. Several other cheaters and fraudsters also jump into this fraud shop of providing preschool franchising opportunities.
And, what you will offer, sir?
What we have always offered best, the bestest best, Idea to hook, cheat and expand the cycle of cheating aka preschool franchising.
Thus, comes, MLM operators, so called career counsellors, great SEO doers, travel operators, foreign study consultants (overseas education consultants), recruitment consultants, real estate dalaals (agents), all ques up to provide ‘Preschool Franchise Opportunities’.

But, Why I am writing all this? And, see I am NOT naming anybody or pointing fingers.

My intention is clear – I want all these ‘fraud’ to stop.

My straight question is that, who is suffering because of all this?
Government – NO
Teachers – NO
Franchisee / Dealer / Channel Partner – NO
Ultimately ‘CHILD’ suffers. Not, your ‘CHILD’ or mine ‘CHILD’, but – OUR CHILD.

Preschool Franchisers doesn’t cares about Quality and Education. And, all Preschool Franchisers have completely destroyed all concepts of ‘Early Childhood Care and Education’.

Preschool Franchising has become a Vicious Cycle of Cheating.

Let’s Break this Vicious Cycle of Fraud and Cheating.

This poor Preschool Franchising has destroyed all concepts of ‘Early Childhood Care and Education’. And, these preschool franchisers are so much busy in their ‘shops’ that nobody gets bothered even when ‘Government’ comes with wrong laws, because of their myopic agenda all of them are only concerned of their immediate monetary benefits.

But, because of advent of such Play School laws, Preschool franchisers are also getting wary and they DO NOT know that very soon complete Preschool Franchising system would be destroyed

Play School laws are talking about Curriculum and Assessment and, that’s why all preschool franchisers are worried. But, ‘cheaters’ and ‘thugs’ have always found ways to circumvent laws and so, presently most of the preschool franchisers are busy in looking for things. But several preschool franchisers have already pushed the ‘panic’ button, they have started franchising / prospecting in much aggressive way …’bhagate bhoot ki langoti sahi …’

Preschool Franchising is ‘smart’ Cheating and ‘Vicious Cycle’ of Cheating:

Franchising word has become synonymous to ‘smart cheating’, by carefully utilizing the business & legal tools available. Preschool Franchising gives birth to a ‘vicious cycle of cheating’.

India don’t have any Franchise Act and franchise activities comes under purview of Indian Contract Act, Sales of goods Act, Specific Relief Act, Copyrights and trademarks Act and other relevant acts and laws.

If you are planning to take admission in any Pre School (Preschool / Nursery / Kindergarten / Nursery School) having started through Franchise, then you must read these Articles on Preschool Franchising –

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Here in this page we have included complete information regarding Top 5 Pre Schools in India (Preschools / Play Schools / Nursery Schools / Kindergarten). Detailed information on Top 5 Pre Schools in India (Preschools / Play Schools / Nursery Schools / Kindergarten). Market Research Report on Top 5 Pre Schools in India (Preschools / Play Schools / Nursery Schools / Kindergarten).


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Top 5 Pre Schools in India Top 5 Preschools in India Top 5 Play Schools in India Top 5 Nursery Schools in India Top 5 Kindergarten Schools in India Top 5 Pre Schools in India (Preschools / Play Schools / Nursery Schools / Kindergarten) Top 5 Pre Schools in India (Preschools / Play Schools / Nursery Schools / Kindergarten) Top 5 Pre Schools in India (Preschools / Play Schools / Nursery Schools / Kindergarten)

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