Why Pay for ‘Talking’ as mentioned in the ‘Talk Plan’?

Why Pay for ‘Talking’ as mentioned in the ‘Talk Plan’?


Preschool For Child Rights™ is now ‘Not-For-Profit’, so the Products and Services have been shifted to The ZERO Curriculum™.
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Why Pay for ‘Talking’ as mentioned in the ‘Talk Plan’?

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Why Pay for ‘Talking’ as mentioned in the ‘Talk Plan’?


‘Talking’ with us would be required by Buyers of our Services for Two reasons –

Pre – Purchase Needs and Post – Purchase Support


Pre – Purchase Needs


Just to remind you, which you already know, that ‘Talking’ is an additional cost element to any professional organization. Most industry experts charge for their services, and as per Industry Standards and Quality Standards, our Charge is very low. Being a ‘Pioneer’ and ‘Leader’ of Preschool Education Industry, our cost of people is also too much higher than others. We are providing our services, which are of Best Quality and Cost, which is lowest possible.

By having an elaborate website and having discussed all Pre – Purchase information required by buyers on our website, we strongly feel that there is no need with any buyer to talk with us for their pre – purchase needs.

However, if you have any ‘Last Minute Questions’ just before purchase, you may Submit it here, and we will reply you on ASAP basis. If you have some really Urgent and Very Important query, please feel free to email us at ceo@preschoolforchildrights.com.



Post – Purchase Support –


We have been into Online Education for very long. We have also been into Preschool Education for very long. Online Preschool Curriculum is an extension of our expertise into both areas Online Education and Preschool Education. Our Online Preschool Curriculum’ is in such a format that only in exceptional case, Teacher / Principal would require to ‘Talk’ with us. So, there would be many cases, with relating to ‘talking needs’, some preschools will never require it, some other preschools will sparingly require it and whereas some preschools might be requiring it more than others.

By keeping ‘Talk Plan’ separate from the Main Product i.e. Curricular Services, we were able to bring down the cost of our Curricular Services, additionally, we felt justified by charging for ‘talking’ only from those preschools who would actually need it.


This is something you already know, although, just to remind you, that we have 12 Hour Chat Facility (IST – 8 AM to 8PM ) already available, (to know more about how to ChatClick Here), besides    you      Do   Not    require   ‘Talk Plan’    for    these –

1. Cross checking information just before purchase

2. Updating regarding payments / deposits etc.

3. Seeking update regarding account activation

4. Seeking update regarding courier dispatches

5. Seeking direct purchase/money deposit related information

6. Seeking Technical know-how regarding usage of Member-Protected websites and other such related requirements.

Other Important Points :

1. We are having ‘No Frills’ Pricing Policy whereby you are being charged only for the services availed by you and not for any other services clubbed together.

2. We are having ‘Buy as you Go’ Pricing Policy whereby you are paying for the services to be used in very recent times and not for some ‘accrued’ part of services, thus our Pricing is very Low.

3. Appreciate the Fact that you are a Business House and we are also a Business House, so in fact both of us are into B2B (Business to Business) and Not B2C (Business to Customer). Although we have kept our Pricing so Low that while Subscribing to our Products & Services, you feel like buying a off the shelf some low priced Retail Items.


Preschools shall appreciate this fact that by having proper Rules and Procedures we are able to remain as Highest Quality and Lowest Cost Service Provider, so please respect our Rules and Procedures.



Join our – The ZERO Curriculum™ and The ZERO Consultancy™ now …






Do you know that !

We have used more than 100 pages (and that too very long pages), to explain regarding our The ZERO Curriculum™, whereas even the so-called popular, so-called very rich companies, have used just one or maximum two page, to explain their Curriculum.





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