Learning Materials – Toys & others

Knowledge Series Part 1: Learning Materials – Toys & others

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Knowledge Series Part 1: Learning Materials – Toys & others
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Knowledge Series Part 1: Learning Materials – Toys & others

Name of the Topic: Learning Materials – Toys & others


‘Knowledge’ regarding ‘Learning Materials – Toys & others’ is huge.

With reference to this ‘Knowledge’ part, challenges faced by Preschool stakeholders (Preschool Teachers, Principal, Administrators) are –

One, Time;

Two, Usability and applicability of such collected ‘Knowledge’.


The manner in which this topic – ‘Learning Materials – Toys & others’ is treated by us is creating the whole difference here.

We have picked the most relevant part of ‘knowledge’ of ‘Learning Materials – Toys & others’ which would be required in the Preschool Settings and Curricular scenario; converted that ‘knowledge’ part in ‘skill’ format and expressed it in most easily understandable, usable and practicable part.

So, with our presentation of topic – ‘Learning Materials – Toys & others’, it is in 100% ready format to be used by each Preschool Stakeholders.


The topic – ‘Learning Materials – Toys & others’ is presented in the format which is most concise yet thorough and complete.


Take a journey from Knowledge to Skill on topic – ‘Learning Materials – Toys & others’; Join us, now!





Name of the Topic

Learning Materials – Toys & others


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Preschool for Child Rights™

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Preschool for Child Rights™

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2. Purchase of Single Topic or more, is available only for existing Subscribers of any Curricular Services.

3. 50% Discount on total Price, upon Purchase order of Rs. 3,000 (Three Thousand) Only or more.

4. Subscription Plan for complete Knowledge Series Part 1 for Three Years –


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Trainer’s Video Version PLUS Document Version – Rs.7, 000 (Seven Thousand) Only







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