Curriculum : Day Care Programs

Curriculum : Day Care Programs


Preschool For Child Rights™ is now ‘Not-For-Profit’, so the Products and Services have been shifted to The ZERO Curriculum™.
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Curriculum : Day Care Programs

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Curriculum : Day Care Programs


Code of the Program: DC-A


We are able to provide you entire 11 Hrs. schedule plan for Day Care / Child Care. Pricing for Day Care / Child Care Curriculum is not mentioned here as requirements of each Day Care Owner / Administrator is different.
Contact us for our personalized pricing for Day Care Curriculum.
The Charge to receive such personalized pricing for Day Care / Child Care is just Rs.7,000.
Schedule / Time for Telephonic discussion would be fixed within 3 – 4 Day time, after the submission of charge.
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Besides having the most attractive Installment Facility and Low-Pricing Structure, we also have the Best Refund policy, so that, nothing stops you from experiencing our The ZERO Curriculum™. See our Best Refund Policy here


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Among many things, The ZERO Curriculum™ from “Preschool for Child Rights” includes Entire Dialogue; All required Information relating to Topics, Units, Themes & Content Areas; Questions to be posed to children; Quips; Behavioural inputs etc and is available in Text, PPT, Flash and Video format. Along with the Daily lesson plan it also includes Worksheets, Flash Cards, Cutouts, Teaching Aids, Puzzles, Activities etc.
To Understand, Experience and Deliver the Benefits in your School go for the Risk Free One Month Trial by just paying Rs. 11,000 (Eleven Thousand) Only.



“Preschool For Child Rights” is proud to be World’s BEST Curriculum provider and is also having the MOST Economical rates.

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