Preschool Franchising is Vicious Cycle of Cheating

Preschool / Play School Franchising is synonymous to Smart Cheating

If you are running at Superlative Jet Speed towards signing up for a Preschool Franchise, then, take a deep breath and slow down to Read these Important and Interesting Research Papers relating to Franchising in Education – Preschool, School, IT Education, Vocational Education, Boot-camp Model Education / Job Franchise etc.

Franchising in Education : Buyer’s Beware

If you are planning to take up Franchise Offerings of Education Industry, be warned about the further repercussions.

Franchising word has become synonymous to ‘smart cheating’, by carefully utilizing the business & legal tools available, in present, so-called India Inc.

Most Franchiser, having instituted themselves as Corporate / Company / Trust / Professional Entity, in the garb of Franchising, simply starts the vicious cycle of cheating.

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Franchising in Education Sector in India


Challenges faced by Education Sector are Curriculum, Trained Manpower, Industry integration, Delivery methodology and platform, intention and motivation of educational entrepreneurs and leaders.

Biggest challenge being faced by education sector is “People” and not “Process”, franchising formats being practiced as of now in no way addresses that issue. The end consumer of educational products in India is still uninformed or poorly informed, ignorant of various issues involved into education, little exposure to media, unemployed and from smaller towns and cities.

As a nation we are still lacking entrepreneurship, so obviously, education sector also has far less entrepreneurs. Under such situation coupled with already poor law and order situation and absence of franchising act, “Franchising” has become a great tool to exploit end consumers as well as intermediaries, in hands of those who have entered into Franchised Education Sector.

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Preschool Franchise or Start your own Preschool


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