Typical Day of Nursery Program

Typical Day of Nursery Program

Typical Day of Pre-Kindergarten Children in the The ZERO Curriculum™ is not something, which one may understand, just by going through one / two page etc, however, to see some of the attributes of The ZERO Curriculum, you may go through this pageSignificant Attributes of The ZERO Curriculum.

You will observe that, to explain, just some Significant Attributes of The ZERO Curriculum, we have used more than 100 Pages.

So, to experience The ZERO Curriculum™ in full sense, we suggest to bring The ZERO Curriculum™ to your Preschool / School. The Entry Fee is also very Low and Monthly Installment is also very LowSee the Fee Click Here.

After purchase, delivery of The ZERO Curriculum, will NOT be on this website but on Preschool For Child Rights . INFO and other websites owned by us.


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Some Highlights of Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Curriculum of “The ZERO Curriculum™” :-


    • Complete “100 % Ready Format” Day wise Curriculum
    • Most Appropriate as per all ‘Early Childhood Care & Education’ Philosophies
    • Customised for each Preschool
    • Customised as per each Preschool’s schedule
    • Day wise curriculum in three formats – Text, Presentation and Video
    • 220 Days per Academic Year
    • 24 Hrs. Availability
    • Easy and ‘Time saving style of navigation’, in the website for easier usage of website by Teachers, Administrators, Managers, Chairman.
    • Worksheets, Flash Cards, Cutouts, Teaching Aids, Puzzles, Activities etc
    • Text, Presentation and Video relating to using Worksheets (worksheet is provided by us)
    • Entire Dialogue, Questions, Quips, Behavioural inputs etc is included in the Curriculum and is available along with the Daily lesson plan
    • Text, Presentation and Video relating to delivery of Entire curriculum
    • Text, Presentation and Video relating to Toys and Equipment
    • Text, Presentation and Video relating to Art and Craft Activities
    • Each Day is thorough and complete, and School Operators / Teachers just need to go through our curriculum.
    • No need for School Operators / Teachers, to do anything else besides following our Online Preschool Curriculum.
    • Assessment Procedures


      • Preschool Operating Manuals
      • All Preschool manuals and policies discussed
      • Documentation and Registers discussed
      • Administrative Papers and Guidelines discussed
      • Text and/or Presentation relating to required Preschool Behaviour
      • Entire Online Preschool Curriculum Consultancy is suitable for the most premium preschools and for the preschools located in remote villages of India.
      • No Books required to be referred by School Operators / Teachers (our curriculum is sufficient).
      • Option to speak directly with India’s Best Preschool Professionals & Trainers – Abhidha Seth, Rewati Raman Vishewar and other Team members, Associates
      • Best Option to run Preschool in Automated Mode…
      • Best for Owners/Principals, who want to run / manage Preschool in the most Academically appropriate and most professional manner.



Further, to Know More about the Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum of “The ZERO Curriculum™” you are suggested to go through these pages :-

With our motto of having the “Best Curriculum at Most Economical Pricing”, we have multiple Pricing Packages and also Multiple Product offerings, under Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum, if you Do Not need Video Training or the Price does not suits your budget, then you may see various other Packages hereClick Here.

Pricing range of those packages, varies from Rs. 700 Per Month to Rs. 11,700 Per Month.

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All Monthly Installments are payable latest by 15th of previous month.

Each Month and Each Year you will have the Most Updated Curriculum.

All charges are always required to be paid in advance.



Besides having the most attractive Installment Facility and Low-Pricing Structure, we also have the Best Refund policy, so that, nothing stops you from experiencing our The ZERO Curriculum™. See our Best Refund Policy here


Among many things, The ZERO Curriculum™ from “Preschool for Child Rights” includes Entire Dialogue; All required Information relating to Topics, Units, Themes & Content Areas; Questions to be posed to children; Quips; Behavioural inputs etc and is available in Text, PPT, Flash and Video format. Along with the Daily lesson plan it also includes Worksheets, Flash Cards, Cutouts, Teaching Aids, Puzzles, Activities etc.
To Understand, Experience and Deliver the Benefits in your School go for the Risk Free One Month Trial by just submitting First Installment.



“Preschool For Child Rights” is proud to be World’s BEST Curriculum provider and is also having the MOST Economical rates.

Communication and Sales platform of “Preschool for Child Rights” is www.PreschoolForChildRights.Com & Delivery platform of Online Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum & Consultancy of “Preschool for Child Rights” is Member Protected websites – www.PreschoolForChildRights.Info, and many other websites owned by us.


Typical Day of Nursery Program

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Know EVERYTHING regarding ‘How to START and organise a Preschool’ and also ‘How to RUN and manage a Preschool’. This you would be able to do by going through these pages :

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To see the Typical Day Schedule of Preschool and Kindergarten Programs being followed in the Preschool Curriculum of ‘Preschool for Child Rights’; so as to take the Final decision to seek the Preschool Curriculum Support from ‘Preschool for Child Rights’.                    (To know the Purchase Details / Price of complete Preschool Curriculum and Kindergarten Curriculum Click Here)

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