Free Information : How to Start a Preschool

How to Start a Preschool vs How to RUN a Preschool

How to Start a Preschool


Free Information – Starting new Preschool / Play School :


If you are looking for Free information on How to Start a Preschool / Play School and various related things, then this page is very important for you. It is suggested that you should go through the entire details in a very sincere manner.

Being an Entrepreneur is a very important RISK that you are planning to take-up, one wrong step and you will fall flat on your face, also you will never be able to know why you failed.

You might be continuously looking for free information as you Do Not know that Internet is a big Market, where everybody (just like shops) are Selling their things, there is Nothing like ‘Free Lunch’, everybody sells here on internet, this way or that way, sooner or later …

There is More to Preschool Business, than your brain (or even other Preschool Franchisers or Consultants) can think of, so it is suggested to go for Professional Training by Joining – Preschool Entrepreneurship Program.

Calculate the Time and Money, you will waste by looking for Free Information by surfing on Internet. If you would be lucky than after 6 Months you will realise that You have wasted Time & Money and you will seek professional help by joining – Preschool Entrepreneurship Program. If you would Not be lucky, then you will live in fools paradise forever, and go under Cognitive Dissonance.

You very well know that there is a difference between Bathroom Singer and Professional Singer.

Roaming around on Internet, you will Never become Professional Entrepreneur.

Searching various terms on Internet, you will get crappy things and will Never get proper knowledge.

Save your Time & Money by Joining our Preschool Entrepreneurship Program.

PEP and become Professional.

There is nothing as such ‘Free Lunch’ sooner you realise this better it is for you. Join PEP Now.


By surfing on Internet you might get some information here and there but those piece of crappy stuff will Never empower you to become a Professional Preschool Entrepreneur, so Join Now – Preschool Entrepreneurship Program.


Staring up a Preschool / Play School / Day Care is not an task to be accomplished, by seeking information from unprofessional sources, or, by seeking useless franchise offers. Read More about Preschool Franchise Offers here Click Here

You intend to become an Entrepreneur. Large Investment of Time and Money, unseen future, life of other Preschool Stakeholders, life of Preschool kids, remains at stake in Entrepreneur’s hand.

No Entrepreneur shall risk their Investment of Time and Money and future of Preschool Kids in serious jeopardy, by looking for useless Free Information on Staring a new Preschool / Play School, or, by going for useless Preschool Franchise Offers.

Whether you plan to start your own Preschool / Play School, or you plan to take up Preschool Franchise Offers, it is strongly suggested that first of all you should train yourself to become a Professional Preschool Entrepreneur.

Join our Preschool Entrepreneurship Program to train yourself to become a Professional Preschool Entrepreneur.

Preschool Entrepreneurship Program
will empower you, regarding all these elements – Starting a New Preschool, Upgrading your existing Preschool, How to run a Preschool in a professional manner, How to manage a preschool in a professional manner.

There are Entrepreneurs still trying to gather information from various other sources like visiting preschools, talking to other Company’s Managers, talking to neighbours, Surfing Internet etc. It shall be understood that , various other unprofessional sources will never provide you professional information in a proper step-wise manner.

Save yourself from the problem of, having invested in useless toys and equipments, having planned the classrooms in a very poor manner, having no understanding of Curriculum and/or Syllabus and copied anything from anywhere, and ultimately facing problem with New Admissions, Existing parents and poor word-of-mouth. Join our Preschool Entrepreneurship Program now …


Various other unprofessional sources like existing preschools, company’s managers, other consultants etc will never provide you professional information in a proper step-wise manner.

Furniture sellers will push their Furniture to you, Toy sellers will push their toys to you, Montessori manufacturers will push all their toys (good as well as useless) to you for no benefit of Child, Parents & Teachers, and, ultimately you will end up wasting your all Budget here and there in a complete unprofessional manner.

Remember that besides you, your Admission Counsellor, Principal and Teachers also needs to have a Complete overview of each element of Preschool, so, Join our Preschool Entrepreneurship Program now ….

Entrepreneur shall Join Preschool Entrepreneurship Program at the initial stage of Planning itself, so that they can save their wastage of Time, Money and precious preschool business.



“Preschool Entrepreneurship Program” is a trademarked and pioneer idea by Rewati Raman Vishewar, Co-Founder of Preschool For Child Rights™ and The ZERO Curriculum™ and Abhidha Seth, Founder. It includes several topics and some are – 

  • How to Start a Preschool
  • Material and Equipment to Start a Preschool
  • Outdoor Design and Painting for Preschool
  • List and Category of Outdoor Toys and Equipment Required at Preschool
  • List and Category of Indoor Toys and Equipment Required at Preschool
  • Low Cost Equipment and Toys
  • How to design the Layout of School – Classroom and other areas
  • Developing Sales Counselling and Marketing plan for your Preschool (Metro, Non-Metro and Smaller
  • Towns and Cities, Rural Areas)
  • How to Manage a Preschool – Managerial Perspectives
  • How to Manage a Preschool – Administrative Perspectives – Documents, Registers etc

and many more …


Connect with Rewati Raman Vishewar; Connect with him over LinkedIn [here- Rewati Raman Vishewar] or Facebook [here- Rewati Raman Vishewar] or WhatsApp [+91 – 9910680423] and do message him regarding your requirements, ideas and plans and let your idea turn into a great social and economical venture.


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Our Mission : Make Each Preschool a Great Preschool™
Our Objective : Support Teachers Teach and Children Learn™


Since October 2013, Preschool For Child Rights™ has become a Not-for-Profit so the Services has been attributed to The ZERO Curriculum™, thus below mentioned information might NOT be existent as of now and may have been changed.




Preschool Entrepreneurship Program

Whether you intend to Start a New Preschool or you want to upgrade your existing Preschool, Preschool Entrepreneurship Program is perfectly suitable for you.

Preschool Entrepreneurship Program includes topics mentioned here – Click Here. Price of Preschool Entrepreneurship Program is also very low. So Join Now … How to Pay the Fee

After Purchase, Delivery of this Preschool Entrepreneurship Program will be on many User Protected Websites like – Preschool for Child Rights . INFO.

All information relating to this topic and all other information relating to Starting a New Preschool and/or upgrading your existing Preschool, training your Preschool Coordinator / Administrator / Admission Counsellor / Principal / Entrepreneur is available upon Purchase of Preschool Entrepreneurship Program; to Know More Click Here.

After Purchase, Delivery of this  Preschool Entrepreneurship Program  will be on – Preschool for Child Rights.


How to Start a Preschool

How to Setup a Preschool

How to Start a Preschool

How to Setup a Preschool

How to Start a Preschool

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