Free Preschool Curriculum

Free Preschool Curriculum :

Free Preschool Curriculum

[notice]If you are looking for Free material on Preschool Curriculum and various related things, then this page is very important for you. It is suggested that you should go through the entire details in a very sincere manner.[/notice]

Managing a Preschool is a very important task, that you are planning to take-up or you have already taken up. One wrong step and you will end up doing wronged education or mis-education, also, the Child or the Parents will never be able to diagnose, what wrong have happenned with them.

Calculate the Time and Money, you will waste by looking for Free Information by surfing on Internet. If you would be lucky than after 6 Months you will realise that You have wasted Time & Money and you will seek professional help by joining our Curricular Services. If you would Not be lucky, then you will live in fools paradise forever, and go under Cognitive Dissonance.


You must have been looking for Preschool Curriculum and Preschool Syllabus for quite long now. This is real high time and you should understand that by surfing on internet you will not get even proper Preschool Syllabus. Besides, just by having Syllabus, you will not be able to run your ‘Preschool’ in proper manner. To run your Preschool properly, besides ‘Syllabus’ you need to have proper ‘Preschool Curriculum‘.


Generally a Syllabus is like this – ‘By the end of year the child should know the counting 1 to 10, know 5 Fruits name, 5 animals name, 5 vegetables name blah blah’. Do you think that any such kind of Kindergarten Syllabus will help you in any manner to run your Preschool?

You should understand that having proper Preschool Curriculum is your moral, ethical as well as Legal responsibility. Also, having proper Preschool Curriculum makes good business sense. Now, the Government of India is coming up with Curricular Laws, which requires each Preschool to have proper Preschool Curriculum, and this could be implemented anytime. So, it is better to have proper Preschool Curriculum.

By surfing on Internet you might get –

  • Some Worksheets, but these would be looking poor and will not have direct relevance with learning
  • Some Activities, but whether these would be Developmentally Appropriate? or, having relevance with Content Areas? would be a Big Question.
  • Some Concept delivery Ideas, but whether such ideas are Best for delivering those concepts? or such ideas are scientifically appropriate, developmentally appropriate for that particular concept? or, whether such ideas could be customised for each child?

It is also very necessary to understand that, some worksheets, some activities, some ideas DO NOT constitute Curriculum. Curriculum is more than a collection of enjoyable activities, artistic worksheets and some instructional materials. Curriculum is a complex idea containing multiple components, such as goals, content, pedagogy, instructional practices, educational philosophies etc.

It is required to be understood that just some skeletal of activities having NO connection with Content Areas / Units is not at all good for the child. And, besides ‘Activity’, ‘What should be the approach of communication of Teacher’ has a very important role into delivery of concepts through ‘Activity’, whether the approach of communication should be – Instructional based, Inquiry based, scaffolding approach or Inquisitiveness based.

Having Good Curriculum is a Highly Profit Making and Time Saving proposition :

Good Curriculum means:
      • Parents happy
      • Child happy
      • Teacher happy
      • No complaint from anywhere
      • Increased Admission
      • Time Saving
      • School looks more beautiful
      • Teacher will not trouble you daily, about what is to be done in class today
      • Principal, Teachers, Admintrators will save their time from breaking their brains from ‘How to keep child busy today’ ‘What should be done today’.
      • No behavioural problem from Teachers towards children

What it means to prepare Preschool Curriculum :

Illustrative example about our curriculum –
Example of Nursery Program


  • 22 Study elements / Activities are done on daily basis
  • Each Study elements / Activities would be having at-least Three to Four forms, so that it could be delivered to different type of learners (thus, each child gets own customised curriculum) Pre-Activity preparation element – Two to Ten elements per activity
        • Illustration :- Unit – Numbers, Objective – Developing Number Sense on Number Path, Name of the Activity – Counting on a Number Line up to Five. Activity starts from en-action of Rhyme. Post Activity, this same Activity is formatted for – Group Learners, Individual Learners, Partner Learners, Worksheet Activity, Colour Activity, Dramatic Play Corner. [As a Curriculum developer we have made the entire document of activity, transcription of activity (dialogues), design of worksheets, stencils of teaching aids, flash cards, video of training]
  • Curriculum has to be made for 220 days
  • Worksheets has to be designed (we have 1200 worksheets per program)


Now, let us sum up the entire ‘Elements / Activities’ and be able to visualise the statistical magnanimity of our Curriculum and appreciate the behemoth work which we have done.


(22 * 3 * 5 * 220) + 1200 = 72,600 Unique Elements Plus 1200 Worksheets


More, All educational philosophies being used, best methodology to deliver concept being used, each element is child-appropriate and Developmentally Appropriate.
And, above quoted calculation is just for One Program. Any preschool conducts at-least Two Programs, so Multiply above arrived result – 72,600 Unique Elements Plus 1200 Worksheets by Two.
So, now Do you think you will be able to Do this much, just by surfing Internet?
That’s why we have come up with our Curriculum Solutions for you, that too at a very Economical Price…  Click Here 

By surfing Internet, even if you would be able to gather some activities, you will face these problems :

      • Which concept to deliver first and which shall come next
      • Which Activity should be done First and what shall come next
      • What is the Best method to Teach?
      • Like, What is the Best method to Teach Addition?
      • What is the best method to deliver concept of Flowers / Animals / Classifications / Data Interpretations, etc?
      • What and How much Digital Content should be used?
      • Remember – How to teach about a particular animal, is more important then, What all Animals to teach!


[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”100%”]Average Monthly Cost of our Preschool Curriculum would be Rs. 2,000 (Two Thousand) Only Per Month. To know the Purchase Details ; Price of complete Preschool Curriculum Click Here. [/pullquote]

Having Poor Curriculum be it own developed or from “Other Preschool Curriculum Providers” means these –


      • Poor Parents Feedback
      • Less Word-of-Mouth advertising
      • Low admission
      • Increased expense on Marketing
      • Poor confidence among entire Team members
      • Daily problem of handling Teachers
      • Daily problem of handling children
      • Daily Problem of handling Parents
      • Increased expense on hiring Principal / Counsellor, who would be smart enough to convince new inquiries on Poor Curriculum
      • Most importantly – Lost Purpose of opening up a Preschool / School
      • Wasted Time and Money on purchasing such Curriculum or developing such Curriculum
      • and many more…



You might be continuously looking for free Preschool Curriculum as you Do Not know that Internet is a big Market, where everybody (just like shops) are Selling their things, there is Nothing like ‘Free Lunch’, everybody sells here on internet, this way or that way, sooner or later …

There is More to Preschool Curriculum, than your brain (or even other Preschool Franchisers or Consultants) can think of, so it is suggested to go for our properly developed Preschool Curriculum – The ZERO Curriculum™ Click Here


You very well know that there is a difference between Bathroom Singer and Professional Singer.

Roaming around on Internet, you will Never have proper Preschool Curriculum.

Searching various terms on Internet, related to Preschool Curriculum, either you will get some Articles or you will get crappy things and will Never get proper knowledge or proper Preschool Curriculum.

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