The ZERO Consultancy™

The ZERO Consultancy™


World’s Best Preschool Consultancy as well as Most Economical Consultancy – The ZERO Consultancy™ from Preschool for Child Rights™


You may Join our –   Preschool Entrepreneurship Program     or   Preschool Entrepreneurship Program + Video Training.


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To RUN and Manage your Preschool in automated mode, you may Join any of our below mentioned programs :


Curriculum : Pre-Kindergarten Programs

Curriculum + Video Training : Pre-Kindergarten Programs

Curriculum : Kindergarten Programs

Curriculum + Video Training : Kindergarten Programs

Curriculum : Day Care Programs

Managing Challenging Behaviour in Preschool & Day Care

If you have proper Budget at your disposal and you intend to Start a Preschool Chain or Start Multi Location Preschool, then you may be interested in this service :

Offline Customised Premium Services – Meeting, Personal Training …


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