For-Profit Education and Gun Laws

For-Profit Education and Gun Laws


In a democracy governed by the rule of law, any change can be brought about only through the process of law. That’s why the discussion, whether ‘For-Profit Education should find any place in India?’.

We know that comparisons are tedious and filled with axioms and assumptions, but, comparisons are quite illuminating, that’s why throughout this ‘Article’ we are making comparisons.

Gray, authoritative figure of Anatomy says that ‘Dissection is the best form of learning’. Entire discussion of ‘For-Profit Education’ has been dissected through several angles and this is the first topic in the series, entire List is available here – Click Here.


For-Profit Education and Gun Laws


‘Nirbhaya’ was not born to be a ‘metaphor’ of so many things.

She was born to enjoy love, have career, relish family and lead a life full of zest, enthusiasm and happiness. This tragic event might have end at a different note, had she (or her friend) been lawfully carrying a ‘Gun’ in his/her pocket.


Fundamental Right to bear arms –


We all know that USA is called as ‘epitome of democracy’, having multiracial, multicultural society.

USA has fundamental right to bear arms. In a very noted case of McDonald, Honourable American Supreme Court has reaffirmed it. American Constitution framers kept the right to bear arms as fundamental right, considering it as necessary to their system of ordered liberty.

Everybody knows about Ambedkar’s views upon Congress’s opinion to make amendment into ‘Right to bear arms’ (this moment, the partition crimes and murders were still afresh in his mind), he is quoted – “would indiscriminately give every citizen, including the criminal tribes and habitual criminals the right to possess arms”.

(It is necessary to note here that, while Ambedkar is very popular for his lambaste of Gandhi’s and Nehru’s ‘egotism’, he himself was not free from it)


India is a special case, where we have a democratic form of Government, but not democratic society. Indian Government is still struggling to fulfill its basic responsibility of governance.


Unlike USA, India doesn’t have fundamental right to bear arms.


Present situation is now different in America; people are strongly opinionated over ‘Guns’ in comparison to ‘Republic’ vs ‘Democrats’.


India has high disparity in all parameters be it wealth, education, opportunity, inheritance, political affluence etc.


Before having any debate, the point worth mentioning here is that, in India maximum number of people, is either not politically affiliated or does not voice their opinion freely. Precisely, this was the reason that Jayaprakash Narayan never wanted any adjectives to be attached to the ‘Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression’.


Now the point is, a nation which is still not ready for ‘Right to bear arms’, can it be ready to face the social upheaval being caused from making ‘For-Profit Education’ a reality?


This piece of information is for the uninitiated; all private schools mask itself behind the veil of ‘not-for-profit’ trusts and take out profit / siphon off funds through various means.

Large Education companies also use the mask of ‘not-for-profit’ trust and circumvent profits through various methods like – Infrastructure Management Services, Education Management & Consultancy Services. This market is considered so huge that big Infrastructure / Financial Services companies have also entered into it. Most of the big real-estate companies are into managing and running Schools & Preschools.

Single trusts controlled by individuals (although in the garb of group) lead entire education industry in all such bad practices. They also use many subversive practices to take out profits.


The idea of trying to make ‘For-Profit Education’ a legal reality, is it not similar to the situation of vegetable/milk vendors having encroached footpath and now forming union to force legislature to make it legal to do business on footpath?


Few leather manufacturers doing business in the city limits and draining things out in nearby ponds/rivers; upon legal action from some good Samaritans, forms union, publishes in newspapers to force legislature to make it legal to do leather business within city limits and pollute river so that they may maximize their profits.


Since, debate on ‘For-Profit Education’ has already started; time is ripe that ‘We the people of India’ should also start the debate to amend ‘Right of inheritance’ so that only sons of few industrialists/companies/land owners do not end up enjoying juicy fruits of wealth and enjoyment. (Beware, this is not some socialist or Marxist thought, this is pure legal and economical thought).


At last, we end up with the same question whether the Nation which is still not ready for ‘Right to bear arms’, can it be ready to face the social upheaval being caused from making ‘For-Profit Education’ a reality?


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