Preschool for Child Rights™ I Who we are

Preschool For Child Rights™ Topic : Who we are

  • Main Idea is to uphold Child Rights in Preschool settings.
  • Preschool Education and its associated functions gets affected by each Preschool Stakeholders, so we work on each area and each element affecting these.
  • Preschool stakeholders are – Preschool Owner / Entrepreneur & Trusts, Preschool Staff like Principal, Teacher, Maids, Driver/Transporter and Preschoolers’ Parents.
  • As an additional element we are also working on enlarging the scope of Preschool stakeholders by making Courts of Law, Legislature, NGOs and Child Entertainment and Media as its (preschool’s) fruitful stakeholders.


Preschool For Child Rights™ is having Strong Social Objective.


How Preschool For Child Rights™ ‘affects’ these Preschool stakeholders?

  • Actively communicating with each Preschool stakeholders through various media, activities and one-to-one communication.
  • Spreading awareness about Preschool Education and associated elements.
  • Conducting Survey and Research and come up with product to improve the quality of each elements of Preschool Education.
  • Devising ways and means to make each stakeholders a strong and contributing participant into Preschool Education.


Preschool For Child Rights™ addresses the issues faced by Preschools and each Preschool Stakeholders, by providing them with Guidelines, Resources, Materials, Voice to their cause, Curriculum, Training  and spreading awareness about each issue among all Preschool Stakeholders.


Two Fold Objectives of Preschool For Child Rights™

  • To Inculcate a sense of responsibility among the Parents for the protection of the Constitutional and the Legal rights of the children.
  • To guide and help different Preschools and Schools with such an educationally, intellectually and spiritually strong curriculum so that the exercise of the right of the children can be scrupulously honoured by enabling ‘our child’ to enjoy the childhood and by granting him an opportunity to grow physically, mentally, intellectually, spiritually and culturally – with a spirit of inquiry and reform – in such a way so that he can continuously improve his excellence as a useful citizen, as enjoined in the Fundamental Duties, Part IVA of The Constitution of India and to contribute further for the protection of our democracy and our humanity.


Preschool For Child Rights™ is committed towards removing educational ills and addressing educational issues with Preschools.


Mission and Objective of Preschool For Child Rights™

  • Mission – Make Each Preschool a Great Preschool™
  • Objective – Support Teachers Teach and Children Learn™


Preschool For Child Rights™ has strong Social Objective of making parents and preschools aware about proper Preschool Curriculum and make it available.


Targets chased by Preschool For Child Rights™

  • High Quality
  • Low Cost
  • Inclusiveness i.e. participation by each Preschool stakeholders
  • Affordability
  • Transparency
  • Be Ethical and Morally dignified
  • Secular and Democratic values
  • Continuous Feedback
  • Research and updates
  • Diversity and Equality
  • Scientific and Modern
  • The List is in fact endless as we all know that “Education is the sum total of all Knowledge which the society possess” …


Preschool For Child Rights™ focuses on ‘social cause of bringing high quality education to preschools’.


[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Preschool For Child Rights™ Welcomes everybody to be a part of our Journey. Let your Preschool also shine and be a Preschool standing for Child Rights.[/pullquote]




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