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Preschool For Child Rights™ – Topic : The Problem we experienced

Preschool i.e. Early Childhood Care and Education has multidimensional issues.
Stakeholders in Early Childhood Care and Education are also multidimensional.

Stakeholders of Early Childhood Care and Education are –

  • Preschool owners / Administrators / Entrepreneurs
  • Principal, Teacher and other staff
  • Parents
  • Governments and Courts
  • Media & Internet
  • Child

Absence of good quality ECCE Programs, absence of quality based Preschool settings, stressed and lowly paid teachers, anxious and suffering parents, confused and misguided Entrepreneurs / Preschool owners / Administrators, and a complete absence of Governments and its Policies, this is the status of ‘ECCE’ in India.

Presently, our (each) ‘CHILD’ is in huge trouble. And, instead of building, we are completely destroying generations to come.

At such a time, no one shall close its eyes to the problem, but shall accept the problem (in totality) and work towards the solution. We invite everybody to be a part of ‘Preschool For Child Rights’ …

Even if one has money and willingness to pay, there is no good ECCE option.
The Problem is not much of finances but more of accountability, law, regulations and policies.

Child is a societal responsibility, but when it comes to the ‘Child’ in India, each stakeholder have failed to deliver on its responsibilities, duties and obligations. And, when it comes to ‘Early Childhood Care and Education’ all stakeholders have failed miserably towards its responsibilities, duties and obligations.


Governments –

Governments, be it Central Government or State Governments, both have nothing to offer, when it comes to ‘Early Childhood Care and Education’.

All Governments have failed miserably when it comes to most important service i.e. ‘ECCE’.

Both, Central Government or State Governments is highly remarked with complete absence of ‘Early Childhood Care and Education’ policy. Additionally, Governments are also showing utter disregard to ‘Early Childhood Care and Education’ policies of UNCRC, UNESCO and (established and well researched) International practices.

Governments are not at all willing to engage in meaningful public debates and awareness programs.

Governments shall awake themselves and must take ‘Early Childhood Care and Education’ as an absolute priority.

Both, Central Government or State Governments shall understand that in the present pathetic situation and chaotic scenario, complete reform is necessary.


Principal, Teacher and other staff –

When it comes to Education, India has huge manpower problem, and it is much more reflective in Preschool settings.

‘What to teach’ and ‘How to teach’ is completely absent from complete ‘Early Childhood Care and Education’ settings.

Although, the alarming fact is that the ‘Teachers’ in Preschool settings are treated much worse than even un-skilled daily wage labourers.

Preschool Teachers are lowly paid, kept on temporary and ‘part-timer job’ style and not at all supported to up-skill them.


Parents –

India is a unique country, when it comes to the ‘Child’. Even after several decades of Independence, ‘Child Rights’ is still an alien term.

Most of such problem, roots from the attitude, Indian parents carry towards their child and their parental responsibility.

Indian parents consider the ‘Child’ as their ‘parental property’, left at their disposal, to be treated in the manner they find suitable. Harsh discipline, ridiculing the child, child battering is regular phenomenon of Indian families. Our pathetic attitude towards the ‘Child’ is also reflecting in several laws (like Child Labour Act and other Criminal Laws).


Educational issues with Preschools –

Preschools have several Educational ills and other serious issues.

Preschool be it franchised or own, do not have proper Preschool Curriculum due to which quality of academics is suffering and precious years of child is lost.

Horrifying absence of proper Preschool Curriculum, gives rise to several other additional issues.

In a country where child is still considered to be the parental property, how can we expect parent to raise this question – “my child is going to preschool, but, is my child learning?”

Since, both buyer and seller together, create a market, why shall a preschool care about what (and how) is being taught to the child.

With this pain of ‘rights of the child being curtailed in Preschool’, ‘Preschool For Child Rights™’ was established.


Media and Internet –

When it comes to the ‘Early Childhood Care and Education’ polices regulations, awareness, debates and discussion, media (including internet) completely gives a cold look into it.

It seems that Media is completely uninterested about ECCE polices, regulations, present status and is not engaging into awareness, debates or discussions.

Media is also showing complete lack of enthusiasm and initiatives (may be this is due to the entire preschool settings ecosystem suffering from huge malaise but none stakeholders doing anything about it).




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