Preschool for Child Rights™ I The Objective we have

Preschool For Child Rights™ Topic : The Objective we have 

Principles and Objectives of Preschool For Child Rights™ is guided through its Vision of ‘Upholding Child Rights in Preschool (Early Childhood Education and Care – ECCE) settings’.

Preschool For Child Rights™ seeks its ideological inspiration from The Constitution of India, UNCRC, UNICEF, UNESCO, and (established and well researched) International Practices.

Preschool For Child Rights™ has strong Social Objective of making parents and preschools aware about high quality Curriculum and make it available.

The objective of Preschool For Child Rights™ is to reach each preschool of India.

Preschool For Child Rights™ wants to keep focus on ‘social cause of bringing high quality to preschools’.

Preschool For Child Rights™ is committed towards removing educational ills and addressing educational issues with Preschools.

Preschool For Child Rights™ cares for Positive impact it makes on entire Preschool (Early Childhood Education and Care – ECCE) ecosystem.

Preschool For Child Rights™ wants Preschool settings to fulfill both needs of the ‘Child’ – the day care (Child Care) needs and also the educational needs.

Preschool For Child Rights™ also contributes into ‘Administration’ scope of Preschool settings so that, preschools (Child Care Centers) should be a temple of excellence for both things – Education as well as Administration.

Let your Preschool be also a Preschool standing for ‘Child Rights’.


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