How to Pay the Fee

How to Pay the Fee

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How to Pay the Fee


How to Pay the Fee

Preschool Curriculum and Kindergarten Curriculum from “Preschool For Child Rights”, besides being the BEST  Curriculum,   is also the      MOST   Economical   option. 


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Fee / Charges for Products and Services of Preschool for Child Rights:


You may be interested in these pages to know about their price and other related information:



Bank Account details for purchasing services of: –   ‘Preschool for Child Rights’:



Account Holder’s Name / In Favour of 

Rewati Raman Vishewar




Sector 14, Gurgaon

Account No. 


IFSC Code 


Mobile No. 




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Quick Purchase Steps with a very little or basically No Risk feature:


  • Pay your First Installment (Signup Fee and First Installment), as per your choice of service.
  • Follow our Online Curriculum and Online Curriculum Delivery Training for ONE Month.
  • If satisfied Go Ahead! with your Installment option or you may also convert it into Lump-sum Payment Option.
  • If you are not satisfied and you are able to show us any other Person / Corporate / Company’s / Chain’s, Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum, which is better than us, we will give you 100% Refund and also FULL access to the Curriculum for entire Academic Session.
  • If you are dissatisfied for any other reason (which we think shall never happen), you may refer to our Best Refund Policy here.




How shall I plan my ‘date of purchase‘ for the Online Preschool Curriculum and Online Curriculum Delivery Training?


To Know More about – Planning your Date of Purchase; Click Here.

If you Subscribe to our Curricular Services, it will take us 60 Days to get your User Account activated from the date of First Installment being received by us. So you shall pay the First Installment accordingly, doing you calculations. After that, you shall be receiving each month’s Curriculum in advance.

Illustration: If you intend to start your preschool / school on 1st of July, then you would wish to receive the Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum, at least on 25th of June, so that the Teachers and Principal might get some days to be trained over these Curriculum and also do the preparations etc. To receive the Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum by 25th of June, you should have paid us the First Installment latest by 25th of April.

If you Subscribe to our other Services like Preschool Entrepreneurship Program (all services besides Curricular Services), it will take us 5 Days to get your User Account activated from the date of Payment received by us. So you shall pay make the Payment accordingly. 



How to Purchase Services from ‘Preschool for Child Rights’


STEP 1. 

Have your Email Id ready with you (you shall be identified by this E-mail Id)

STEP 2. 

Have one mobile number ready with you (you shall be identified by this Mobile number)

STEP 3. 

Register yourself as Member Protected Websites – Preschool For Child Rights . INFO and many other websites owned by us (we will direct you to the relevant website, after receiving the payment)


Deposit the Fee in the Bank Account (Online Transfer / Cash Deposit) mentioned on this page

STEP 4 (A) 

In case of Online Transfer, follow this – record the Transaction Number and in space for details mention that it is Fee for PCR

STEP 4 (B) 

In case of Cash Deposit, follow this – Keep the receipt folio and get it scanned

STEP 5. 

Scan your Photo Id (the purchase is only for Individual Preschool use)

STEP 6. 

Send E-mail at , mentioning these:

Name, Mobile No., Email Id (email id used to register, as in Step 3), Any one detail as per STEP 4, Photo ID

Send email to us from the email id used to register, as in Step 3.

STEP 7. 

Receive receipt in PDF format and get your Login ID and Password Activated, and from here on your relationship with “Preschool for Child Rights” starts.


Important –

  • Any one of these – Bank Receipt, PDF receipt from us, is your Proof of Purchase
  • Services from us is for Individual Preschool and you may not share it with anybody else
  • Services is only for use and Preschool Representative or any User will not try to download / save any of the material (Remember that we would be able to track this)

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