Talk Plan FAQs

Talk Plan FAQs


FAQs are made, by collecting Questions raised by all Preschool Stakeholders. We collected Questions over a very long period, however, if your Query / Question is not found here, then you may Submit it Here or Email at –



Q. : Why Pay for ‘Talking’ as mentioned in the ‘Talk Plan’?

A. : ‘Talking’ with us would be required by Buyers of our Services for Two reasons – Know More Click Here


Q. : I want to make sure that whatever I have studied on this website regarding various Products & Services, has been properly understood by me or not? Do I need to subscribe to Talk Plan?

A. : No. You need not subscribe to ‘Talk Plan’ for this purpose. Additionally, you need not subscribe to ‘Talk Plan’ to avail these services –

1. Cross checking information just before purchase

2. Updating regarding payments / deposits etc.

3. Seeking update regarding account activation

4. Seeking update regarding courier dispatches

5. Seeking direct purchase/money deposit related information

6. Seeking Technical know-how regarding usage of Member-Protected websites and other such related requirements.


Also, we have 12 Hour Chat Facility (IST – 8 AM to 8PM ) already available, (to know more about ChatClick Here). 



Q. : I have Subscribed to your ‘Products & Services’, to avail the subscribed service, I need your assistance in accessing the website, do I need to Subscribe to ‘Talk Plan’ to avail this Technical help?

A. : No. Technical Help and Logistical Help is Free, you need not Subscribe to ‘Talk Plan’ for this.



Q. : Can I carry over the underutilized Talk Plan beyond its validity period?

A. : No. carry over of Talk Plan is not possible. However, the such available period is already very Long – One Year, Six Months etc..






Do you know that !

We have used more than 100 pages (and that too very long pages), to explain regarding our The ZERO Curriculum™, whereas even the so-called popular, so-called very rich companies, have used just one or maximum two page, to explain their Curriculum.




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