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FAQs are made, by collecting Questions raised by all Preschool Stakeholders. We collected Questions over a very long period, however, if your Query / Question is not found here, then you may Submit it Here or Email at –




Sample of the Curriculum –


Preschool Entrepreneurs, Principals, Teachers, Administrators having missed reading pages mentioned hereUnderstanding The ZERO CurriculumClick Here; ends up thinking of Sample.



Seeing Sample is one of the Pre – Purchase needs of the buyer.

Sample of any book, thesis, reports and Curriculum is required by buyers, to have the slight feel of the content. Sample of any book, thesis, reports and Curriculum is required by buyers, so that the buyer may generate some idea regarding the product in their brain.


Before starting a discussion regarding sample, these Three important aspects are required to be understood –

One, Pre-Purchase Needs versus Pre-Purchase wants –

There is a great difference between Needs and Wants. In the similar manner there is a great difference between Pre-Purchase Needs and Pre-Purchase wants. Wants and desires of customer / buyer can really be unlimited, whereas needs are clear defined set.

With Preschool for Child Rights™; we have addressed all the Pre-Purchase Needs of a genuine buyer on this website itself. Since, wants can really be unlimited and being a low-cost service provider, we have cost constraints on many things; we cannot meet each wants/ desires of customer in a pre-purchase scenario.

The Curriculum is the sum total of all the experiences available to the child, and this shall not be reduced to a syllabus. Things / Stuffs being shared by Preschools / Schools, with the parents and teachers in the name of curriculum is meaningless stuffs, we intend to stop it, and by providing a direct Sample, we will actually end up in promoting it. Having provided Sample, Preschool operators and Preschool Administrators will come to see it, copy it, share it with prospective admissions and will not be doing any good thing in the name of Curriculum.



Two, Kind of Product or Service –

The manner in which ‘Sample’ could be made available depends a lot on product and service as well.

Our The ZERO Curriculum™ is very unique in that sense. Our Curriculum is special, most advanced, most updated; ‘Exactly Right’ and the Best of World, so just by seeing one or two day stuff, one may not understand the real ‘worth’ of it.

So, we adopted a very unique way of providing information to the buyers, go through all Links and Sub links available on this page, to Know More regarding our The ZERO Curriculum™, so that you may do away with your desire to see the sample.





Three, Existing Market Scenario –

Buyers and sellers together constitute market. Present Preschool Education Market / Industry scenario is not Professional. The entire market is still same, like as age old raw cotton market.

Present Preschool Education Market / Industry scenario, is so bad that Books, CDs, DVDs, some collection of activities, some collection of worksheets, some workbooks, are sold and purchased as “Curriculum”. Parents are shown ‘Syllabus’ and informed that it is ‘Curriculum’. Parents themselves are unaware lot. Job applicants, not able to find any other option, ends up to become Preschool Teacher. Some songs, some rhymes, some copied worksheets, some sloppy activities make the entire ‘Curriculum’.

Pathetic Business Attitude as well as Pathetic Academic attitude of Preschool Operators /Administrators /Principals (be it popular preschool chains or individual entrepreneurs), has sent such a strong message to each stakeholder, that even ‘Government of India’ is awakened to ‘tight the noose’ (this phrase is used by Government of India) around Preschools. Parents see ‘Preschools’ as a place to time-pass and so have least respect for ‘Preschools’ and ‘Preschool Staff’.

There is a very old adage that what you deserve is that you get, but to change all this poor scenario, Preschool for Child Rights™ came up with it’s The ZERO Curriculum™, and we extend these benefits so that nothing stops a Preschool Entrepreneur, Preschool Administrator, Principal, Preschool Teachers from experiencing our Curriculum :-

One, We have built a huge website to explain regarding our – The ZERO Curriculum™

Two, Our pricing is very low, we are a low-cost service provider

Three, In addition to Low Price, we have also provided Installment Facility

Four, Even the First Installment which a preschool / school, requires to pay to us is very Low

Five, Besides having the most attractive Installment Facility, Low-Pricing Structure, No-Frills Pricing Policy, ‘Buy as you Go’ Pricing Policy, we also have the Best Refund policy, so that, nothing stops you from experiencing our The ZERO Curriculum™. See our Best Refund Policy here

Samples of our The ZERO Curriculum™, is not required (in our case) because of these reasons:-

Preschool Education scenario in India is in such a stage that if we will start providing Sample, entire world will copy from it (and will also claim to Parents that they are following such Curriculum).

We have provided so much information regarding our Curriculum that, if participated in world records, we would have hold something kind of world record into having the largest website dedicated for the purpose of selling Preschool Curriculum and Kindergarten Curriculum, so for this reason also Samples are Not required.

Besides being of Best Quality, our all product and services, is also Low Cost, so for this reason also Samples are Not required.

Preschool for Child Rights™ is pioneer into the areas of Preschool Curriculum and Kindergarten Curriculum The ZERO Curriculum™

Entry Charge to start experiencing our Curriculum is also very low, so for this reason also samples are Not required.

We are providing Installment Facility, which simply means that once we lack in anything, buyer may immediately stop paying their installments, so for this reason also Samples are Not required.

Discussions and Materials regarding The ZERO Curriculum™, is so lucid and explained in such a proper manner that the Samples are Not required.






Q.  Why one or two days Sample will not be able to explain properly regarding our Curriculum – The ZERO Curriculum™?

A.  There are various reasons, that why having one or two days Sample will not clear anything regarding our Curriculum, some are these :-


1.   Say, there is this concept ‘single digit addition’. Firstly, this concept is spread through all Four Programs, Secondly, this concept would be covered through multiple activities, Thirdly, this concept will have a complete thought out process through which the Child will journey from the day one itself, etc. So, now, do you think that just by seeing one activity of one day will you be able to gauge that how good our Mathematics Curriculum is? Not possible, that’s why we came up with such flexible options as listed above (the five options listed above), so that nothing stops you from experiencing our Curriculum.

2.   Say, there is this concept ‘number sense’. One worksheet is shown to you, that is being used with the child with respect to ‘Number Sense’. Further to it, what more things would be required to be seen in this worksheet? Simply put, this humble looking worksheet will pass through these tests – Is the worksheet Developmentally Appropriate? Is the worksheet as per current scientific research? The worksheet is being used as a Follow up activity? or to assess the child? or as the main activity? or the Home links activity? So, now you see that some bunch of worksheets will not be able to show the ‘all in all’ of our ‘Curriculum’.

3.   By having one or two days Sample, one might be able to see the Typical Day the Child follows in a particular Program. Again, this will stand wrong in our – The ZERO Curriculum™. Although, the routine / Typical Day of the Child, is very predictable for the child, but it keeps on changing. So, one or two days Sample will Not reflect ‘Typical Day’ of our Curriculum.

4.   Throughout our – The ZERO Curriculum™, ‘a particular’ concept is delivered through various activities, even if we show one / two day sample, will it possible for anybody to appreciate that – How we are delivering the same concept through various activities; How Concept delivery and Activities are made for each kind of Learners;




Q. I am a person in hurry and I am Not in a position to go through the entire website, suggest me the ways to understand The ZERO Curriculum™, so that I may do away with my need to see the Sample?

A. You may visit the pages of website selectively, also skim through the pages and jump directly to your interest areas.

If you intend to see the website selectively, just go through some pages mentioned here – Understanding The ZERO Curriculum




Q. May I have the List of Preschools associated with Preschool for Child Rights™ using The ZERO Curriculum™, so that I may visit that Preschool / School and see things?

A.   We do not want this to happen.

Additionally,  think of the expense you will make in doing this – Travel Expense, 2-3 Days work loss, Disturbance in understanding it from others, also there might be situation that Preschool / School is not cooperative with you. The amount you spend on all this ‘visiting a preschool’ or ‘visiting our office’ program, in lesser than that amount, you may bring The ZERO Curriculum™ to your Preschool and use it completely for One whole Month. So, we strongly suggest you to go for Installment Option and see for yourself, instead of trying to eke out something regarding us and our Curriculum from here and there.


We want that, each Preschool / School shall go for Installment Option and see for themselves, instead of trying to eke out something regarding us and our Curriculum from here and there.





Do you know that !

We have used more than 100 pages (and that too very long pages), to explain regarding our The ZERO Curriculum™, whereas even the so-called popular, so-called very rich companies, have used just one or maximum two page, to explain their Curriculum.




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