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Meeting / Come to Office FAQs


FAQs are made, by collecting Questions raised by all Preschool Stakeholders. We collected Questions over a very long period, however, if your Query / Question is not found here, then you may Submit it Here or Email at –



Q. I wish to come to meet representative of Preschool for Child Rights™ at XYZ place, and discuss things over a cup of coffee?

A. We Do Not keep Physical presence (Showrooms to meet prospective buyers), we have Online presence in ‘Sales’ as well as in ‘Delivery’ (Online and Postal/Courier).

Additionally, we do not see any need of ‘Meeting’, you are strongly suggested to surf the website properly, interact through Chat Option (available at the bottom right most corner of each page), Submit Online Forms, send us email ( and at last you may also use the ‘Talk Plan’.



Q. I am coming up with very big multi-location Preschool Business model / Preschool Franchise Model; I intend to meet representative of Preschool for Child Rights™ at XYZ place?

A. We do not see any need of ‘Meeting’, you are suggested to surf the website properly, interact through Chat Option, Submit Online Forms, send us email ( and at last you may also use the ‘Talk Plan’.


However, we have this ‘Meeting’ products as well, the Charges and details are mentioned hereClick Here


Meeting –



When it comes to business, Quality and Pricing are Two most important things, which needs to be addressed properly.

We are Best Quality Curriculum provider and also the Most Economical Service provider.

Some of the beauty of our “Low-Pricing” is as follows –

1. Very Low Pricing of each Products and Services

2. No Frills Pricing

3. ‘Buy as you Go’ Pricing

4. Installment Offer Pricing

5. ‘Low Entry Charge’ Pricing

6. Best Refund Policy


In present day of modern technology, we have used technology in a very beautiful manner to provide the Curriculum in the Most Deliverable manner and also to communicate with the Preschool Stakeholder in the most appropriate manner – that is through a properly made and huge website.


By doing these, we have done away with the need of meeting of prospective buyers with Preschool for Child Rights™ –

1. A very proper and huge website catering to each queries of prospective buyer. A proper written communication brings a kind of commitment and transparency.

2. A well balanced format of raising query with us i.e. through submitting Online Forms and through Emails.

3. A 12 hour Chat Facility available on the website. To know more about ChatClick Here.

4. ‘Talk Plan’ for those who is really in need of ‘Talking’



We are catering to Preschools and Schools spread across India (even the so-considered remotest corner of India from Delhi), if we would have built offices across India, this would have uselessly added up to our Costing and would have led to increase in your Pricing. Consider this situation – we are having an office/showroom to meet Buyers, and even the cost of meeting proxy buyers / window shoppers is transferred to the serious / proper buyers, would you like it???

We have Not kept any Sales Managers / Tele Callers etc, and we Do Not meet, so-called prospective buyers even in Delhi and/or Gurgaon, because we Do Not believe in using Sales Approach. In Education – “Quality sells itself”.

Preschool for Child Rights™ is into the business of education and our only business is ‘Education’. We are a group of educationist dedicated to the Preschool and School Education. We have a policy to Not use Sales Tactics to attract Buyers. 

We have provided so much information regarding our Curriculum that, if participated in world records, we would have hold something kind of world record into having the largest website dedicated for the purpose of selling Preschool Curriculum and Kindergarten Curriculum, so for this reason also testimonials are Not required.

We believe in Caveat Emptor – Buyer’s Beware policy, so we have provided huge information on our website to educate buyer properly regarding Curriculum, for this reason also testimonials are Not required.

Discussions and Materials regarding The ZERO Curriculum™, is so lucid and explained in such a proper manner that Meeting is Not required.


Five points which will do away with your need for Meeting –

One, We have built a huge website to explain regarding our – The ZERO Curriculum™

Two, Our pricing is very low, we are a low-cost service provider

Three, In addition to Low Price, we have also provided Installment Facility

Four, Even the First Installment which a preschool / school, requires to pay to us is very Low

Five, Besides having the most attractive Installment Facility, Low-Pricing Structure, No-Frills Pricing Policy, ‘Buy as you Go’ Pricing Policy, we also have the Best Refund policy, so that, nothing stops you from experiencing our The ZERO Curriculum™. See our Best Refund Policy here



In the present day of Technology, having used technology beautifully, we have brought down Pricing, brought transparency into the opaque Preschool Education Business, increased the availability of our – The ZERO Curriculum™.

We want that, each Preschool / School shall go for Installment Option and see for themselves, instead of trying to eke out something regarding us and our Curriculum from here and there.


Summarily, because of these reasons, we do not see any need of meeting (even talking) – 1. Beautiful and appropriate use of technology 2. Low Pricing 3. Economical Installment offers 4. Best Quality.






Do you know that !

We have used more than 100 pages (and that too very long pages), to explain regarding our The ZERO Curriculum™, whereas even the so-called popular, so-called very rich companies, have used just one or maximum two page, to explain their Curriculum.




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