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Franchise, Consultants, Auntie-next-door Preschool, Neighborhood Preschool, Franchiser, Franchisee …


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Q. I read some of the Articles, they speak some negative points of others like – Preschool Franchisers, Preschool Consultants, Auntie-next-door Preschool, Neighborhood Preschool, Preschool Franchisee, etc … is that Good?

A.We are Not speaking negative about others, we are bringing the problem on the fore. Government of India has also become aware of the problem. Such problem is hurting the entire Preschool Education industry. Parents at large have lost faith in Preschool and School System. Parents have taken it as an axiom that ‘Education’ would be more or less absent from Preschool / School, so they have shifted the ‘size of building’ as criteria for admission. None of the Preschool stakeholders are talking about the problem. Time wasted during Early Childhood is a big crime – Legal as well as Moral.

As a preschool owner, preschool franchiser, you see that it is in your interest that nobody talk about this negative thing – entire absence of Curriculum, however, truth is that it is not!

Problem diagnosis is the First Step towards Solution. First thing which needs to be accepted is that Preschool Education is in complete jeopardy.
Standing on our ‘Ahimsa Policy’ we do not name any preschool/school, chain of preschool/school, be they in good or bad. We have simple desire that Preschool Education Industry shall change.

What we do is either diagnosis or prognosis, everything we do is for ‘Common Good’. Good Quality Curriculum, Good Quality Preschools, Professional Administrators / Entrepreneurs, will be win-win for each stakeholders Parents, Teachers, Principals, Entrepreneurs.


Preschools in India is still at nascent stage and all the wrongs has already entered into it. Credibility and Quality of Preschools has reached at its nadir. It already too much ahead of time for preschools to open its eye and accept the truth.

Only Content and Quality of the Curriculum can be the savior of Preschools of India.



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