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Brand Story Preschool for Child Rights™

The Name:

“Good branding” begins with “a name”, as the Best Marketer of the Best Preschool Consultancy Services, I understand and appreciate this fact pretty well. But, I must confess, while doing the Branding Exercise of “Preschool for Child Rights™”, I had let my heart, soul and visions to take the Centre stage.

The Brand: “Preschool for Child Rights™”; is structured on two significant phrases, that is, First, “Preschool” and Secondly, “Child Rights”. These two phrases are inseparably intertwined.

Child Rights in present scenario of India is an alien phrase. This is for simple reason that we Indians have general lack of sensitivity to the issue – Child Rights.

We, the Indian Parents hold the child as parental property. Subjecting children to harsh discipline is considered appropriate by us. We, the Indian Parents do not consider, battering of children, as something detrimental to the child.

Basic Fundamentals gone wrong, is proving to be fatal and gave rise to bigger problems; problems unimagined and also to crimes grievous in nature.

Preschool or School, for any matter is nothing but an extended representation of society, where EDUCATION is being delivered.

Maltreatment of children, being present everywhere, so, quite abundantly found in Preschools as well.

Not ignoring the role of parents in upholding the Rights of Child,even when the entire society or parents cannot get things correct, Preschools can and shall contribute effectively.

Rights of Child, in Preschool / Play School, are generally compromised in Cleanliness, Clothing, Physical and Emotional Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Psychological Abuse, Safety of children, Supervision of children, Curriculum, Delivery of Curriculum, Educational and Non-Educational Milestones, Behavioral aspects of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff.

Poor Curriculum and poor delivery of Curriculum hampers the Intellectual development, as well as Emotional development of child. So, Curriculum and Curriculum Delivery is one area, by improving upon which Preschool can contribute Positively in the development of Child and helping him enjoy the life and be Future Ready.

Therefore our preschool consultancy is rightly christened as – “Preschool for Child Rights™”.

Let us all be a part of this revolution.

The Colour :

The Indian Dream is signified in the Tricolour, our Flag possess, for which each Indian has tremendous respect. I want ‘Preschool for Child Rights™’ to be a vision, a dream of each Indian. So, the same tricolor is used in ‘Preschool for Child Rights™’.

The Punchline – the Zero Curriculum™ :

Simply put, “Preschool for Child Rights™” is the Most Innovative, Most Inspirational, Most Creative, Pioneer in its Methodology, Pioneer in Curriculum and Curriculum Delivery Methodology, Pioneer in Delivery Platform. The Best Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum Consultancy Services for each Preschool of India, and of course the Beginning and Summation of each Preschool / Play School. The One Word which signifies all aspect of our Services is – ZERO.

The Problem – experienced by Preschool For Child Rights™ :

Preschool be it franchised or own, do not have proper Preschool Curriculum due to which quality of academics is suffering and precious years of child is lost.

In a country where child is still considered to be the parental property, how can we expect parent to raise this question – “my child is going to preschool, but, is my child learning?”

Since, both buyer and seller together, create a market, why shall a preschool care about what (and how also) is being taught to the child.

With this pain of ‘rights of the child being curtailed in Preschool’, ‘Preschool For Child Rights™’ was established.


The Solution – Low Cost High Quality Curriculum ‘the Zero Curriculum™’ :

‘Preschool For Child Rights™’ addresses the Curriculum issues faced by Preschools, by providing them with 100% ready format, day wise Curriculum at a very low price, payable in easy Monthly Installment.

‘the ZERO Curriculum™’ encompass all Preschool Learning philosophies. In our Curriculum, we suggest using Low Cost Equipment and Materials. Teaching methodology to deliver each concept/theme/topic, used in our Curriculum is uniquely playful, enjoyable, full of academic value and developmentally appropriate. The manner in which we are teaching Numbers, operations, science topics, language is of great significance. We start teaching subtraction and division to 2 year old child, and it is entirely scientific, playful, developmentally appropriate and calculus based. Very appropriately, that’s why we say that – We Teach “Calculus in Preschool™”.

The Objective – Social Objective Business :

At ‘Preschool For Child Rights™’ we have strong Social Objective of making parents and preschools aware about high quality Preschool Curriculum and make it available.

The objective of ‘Preschool For Child Rights™’ is to reach 10,000 preschools, thus make huge social impact and not just earn revenue.

Charging premium price is not evil, but ‘Preschool For Child Rights™’ is something special, it is Social Cause Business.

We want to keep focus on ‘social cause of bringing high quality to preschools’, and also make ‘Preschool For Child Rights™’ a self-sustainable business, so that operations could be continued without interruptions on ongoing basis.

‘Preschool For Child Rights™’ is committed towards removing educational ills and addressing educational issues with Preschools.

‘Preschool For Child Rights™’ will care more for Impact it makes on Preschool than the revenue it generates, but everything shall be done on self-sustainable format, so we ‘Price‘ our ‘Products & Services‘ on a very reasonable cost parameters and endeavor to keep it as low as possible.


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