How we are able to keep our Price Low ?

How we are able to keep our Price so Low :


Best Curriculum, Best Services, Least Price, Installment Facility, Low Entry Cost


One more thing which “Preschool for Child Rights™ ”, is proud of, is that we are providing World’s Best Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum and at the Lowest possible price.


Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum from “Preschool for Child Rights™ ”, is the Best Curriculum and also the Most Economical Curriculum.


“Preschool for Child Rights™ ” is the only Curriculum provider to extend Installment facility (Monthly Installment).


“Preschool for Child Rights™ ” is the only Curriculum provider to keep the “Lowest Entry Charge“, so that any Preschool can easily avail the benefit of it’s Curriculum.


Most people wonder that how besides being able to provide the Best Curriculum, we are also having the Best Installment Facility and Lowest Cost. We are revealing the secret behind our “Low Cost Structure” :


  • We are having the entire system Online.
  • We are a Team of Great Academicians and Consultants.
  • In present days of advanced technology, we have used ‘Technology’ to our best possible advantage.
  • We have been into Online Education for quite long and this added value proposition to entire offerings. Our other Online Education ventures are –
  • Entire Product Offers and Organisational Rules have been made by keeping in mind the needs of present day Preschool Entrepreneurs, Preschool Administrators, Preschool Principals and other User Groups.
  • In present days, having a proper website structure, does the most ‘Sales Communication’ talk. We have done it wisely and thereby we have saved interaction time, money and thus resources.
  • We DO NOT bundle many products together. We have kept each product separate, so that one pays for what one needs.
  • We kept NEFT, Cash deposit, Cheque Deposit and Online Payment mode rather than ‘one click payment’ mode.
  • Each element of our product offerings, Products as well as our Pre-Sales Communication websites, has been made in such a way that Most Preschool Entrepreneurs, Preschool Administrators, Preschool Principals and other User Groups, DO NOT require much talking, and so instead of bundling it with other Products, we have kept it separate.
  • We DO NOT waste our manpower resources on balderdash SALES talking, SALES Pitching and doing ‘SALES’ Talks, the only thing we are focused on is ‘Quality Curriculum’ and we are Best in World.
  • We DO NOT waste our financial resources on talking/meeting people, who actually might not require such Talking/Meeting. And, we have also kept the costing of ‘Talking/Meeting’ and other related products as separate. See Here.
  • We DO NOT have astute Sales Managers, but, we are a Team of people having one and only interest and that is ‘Learning and Teaching‘.
  • We are banking on large volume, the more we move ahead the more you will find our cost structures going down.
  • We have kept our Organisation, the manner an Educational Organisation should be …
  • We Focus on only one thing i.e. delivering Great Quality Education and we believe that Great Quality will deliver Great Results and we save ourselves from spending on any Marketing bluffs. (Equally, we believe that any Preschools delivering Quality Education will get Great Results!).


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