Preschool Franchise Opportunities

Preschool Franchise Opportunities

[notice]If you are looking for Preschool Franchise Opportunities then this page is very important for you. It is suggested that you should go through the entire details in a very sincere manner, Click on Each Link and also Read the Connected Pages Properly (otherwise either, you will regret later or, will go under buyer’s dissonance – The Parable of The Boiling Frog Syndrome ‘courtesy Peter M Senge‘).[/notice]

Preschool Franchise Opportunities


If you are preparing the list for Preschool Franchise Opportunities, then please go through the below mentioned Articles –

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Franchising in Education Sector in India :   Click Here

Those who are searching for Preschool Franchise Opportunities, is interested in below mentioned three things:

How to START a Preschool

How to RUN a Preschool

How to MARKET a Preschool


On the face it might look like that above mentioned three things are different from each other, but in fact all three are entwined with each other, having difference with regard to time line of investment only, the ONE thing which encompasses entire elements of Preschool is the ‘Preschool Curriculum’. And, ‘Preschool Curriculum’ is one thing which is completely absent from the Preschools of India – be it Franchised Preschool Chains or other Preschools.

[notice]Even if you plan to take up Franchise of any Company, Joining Professional Entrepreneurship Program is strongly advised to you so that you Learn all essential aspects of Preschool and Preschool Business and no Franchiser is able to cheat you.[/notice]

Preschool is a place where Education and Learning is delivered, and the greatest woe is that none ‘Preschool Franchise Opportunities’ has even this basic element – the Preschool Curriculum.

The one and most important thing around which each aspect of preschool  revolves is the Curriculum and this is entirely missing from individual Preschools, Preschool chains and Preschool Franchise offerings.

Having Poor Curriculum means these –


        • Poor Feedback from Parents
        • Less Word-of-Mouth advertising
        • Low admission
        • Increased expense on Marketing
        • Poor confidence among entire Team members
        • Daily problem of handling Teachers
        • Daily problem of handling children
        • Daily Problem of handling Parents
        • Increased expense on hiring Principal / Counsellor, who would be smart enough to convince new inquiries on Poor Curriculum
        • Most importantly – Lost Purpose of opening up a Preschool / School
        •  and many more…



If you intend to have a comparison between ‘Preschool Franchise Opportunities’ and ‘Consultancy from Preschool For Child Rights’, then please go through the Table drawn below :



Point of Comparison


Preschool Franchise Opportunities


Consultancy from “Preschool For Child Rights”


Comparison Highlights


Price / Cost Benefit by opting for “Preschool For Child Rights”


 Preschool Curriculum and Kindergarten Curriculum  Only few has ‘Curriculum’ and that too for ‘namesake’ only, not in practicable manner  Guaranteed Best Curriculum or else Full Refund.See ’Guarantee’ Click Here  Most essential element of any Preschool or School is Curriculum and by going with any Preschool Franchise Opportunities, you will entirely miss the most essential part – that is Curriculum.   With “Preschool For Child Rights” the Average Cost would be Rs.2000 Per Month.See Chart –  Click Here
 Training  Once a year  Available 24/7,  throughout the year  Training is required by Teachers, Principals on regular basis, at least weekly training is required, and this is only possible with “Preschool For Child Rights”  “Preschool For Child Rights” does not charges additionally for Training, and Training is available 24/7, throughout the year, thereby contributing to a very high savings 
 Toys and Equipment  Franchiser’s List has to be followed, and has to be procured from Franchiser only and that too at an inflated cost  Customised List would be prepared as per your budget and only proper and useful items are suggested  Requirements are customized as per Budget and there is an additional List of Low Cost Toys as well  Entire List is made available to you, Low Cost toys list is also provided to you. You would be free to procure toys from wherever you want, and this simply means Less Investment More Beauty, More Usefulness 
 Worksheets  Approx. 50 to 120 casually made and Internet downloaded  Worksheets  Average of 1200 Worksheets Per Program and all worksheets having relevancy with Content area and as per ‘Developmentally Appropriate Practices’  Quality of worksheets from “Preschool For Child Rights” would be too much great vis-à-vis worksheets from ‘Preschool Franchise Opportunities’   See the entire Worksheet details Click Here
 Preoperational Support  First, Each Preschool Franchise Chain has Manager who is capable of ‘Selling’ Franchise to Prospects and NOT of Supporting Investors/Prospects.Second, Franchiser’s Preoperational Support starts after you would have paid them ENTIRE Amount due to them. So, if Franchiser commits error in supporting you  With “Preschool For Child Rights” you have the Best as well as Most Economical Support:-One,  Access to All Information required by Preschool Operators at Rs.11, 000 (Eleven Thousand) only.Two, Talk with Preschool Experts at Rs.7,000 (Seven Thousand) Only  Per Hour and get Answers to all you queries  With “Preschool For Child Rights”  following points will make you a clear cut winner: One, Having entire Right Knowledge of preschool business on your side, Two, Investment in a planned approach and phased mannerThree, Right continuous support from Best Preschool Expert will save you from committing errors.   With “Preschool For Child Rights” you make Huge Savings and also you get a Control over your entire Preschool Business
 Post operational Support  Curriculum is the prime thing, around which Post operational Support revolves and ‘Curriculum’ is one thing which in one way or another is entirely missing from all Preschool Franchise Opportunities, and also from Other Preschool Curriculum Service providers.   Since, curriculum is the prime thing, around which Post operational Support revolves, and, “Preschool For Child Rights” provides you with the Best Curriculum and also the Best Trainings, you will have the Best winning support from -“Preschool For Child Rights”  Curriculum and Training from “Preschool For Child Rights” is Guaranteed to be the Best of India.  Curriculum and Training from “Preschool For Child Rights” is the Most Economical option.  With “Preschool For Child Rights” the Average Cost would be Rs.2000 Per Month.See Chart –  Click Here
 Marketing Support  Each Preschool Franchisers extends Marketing Support in different ways – pamphlets, newspaper advertisements, brochures etc  Customised Marketing Campaign will be developed for your own preschool  Each geographical area has its own requirements, so “Preschool For Child Rights” empowers you to prepare customized plan for your own area.  “Preschool For Child Rights” provides services like – Brand Name Development, Logo, Tagline, Pamphlet design, at a additional price but very economical rate 
 Admission Counseling Support  School means education that is self-evident. And, all Preschool Franchise Opportunities is lacking on ‘Education’ part, so naturally the Admission Counseling Support from Franchisers is very weak.  “Preschool For Child Rights” provides you with the Best Education Product, that is, the Best Preschool Curriculum. So, naturally Admission Counseling Support from us is Best.  “Preschool For Child Rights” will provide you with knowhow of  Admission Counseling on all thee –One, Education Part,Two, Presentation Part,Three, Sales Part   No additional charge to be paid if you subscribe to Curriculum from “Preschool For Child Rights”
 Interior Design Support  All Preschool Franchisers are providing a design which is not at all appropriate for the child. Design provided by Preschool Franchisers is something which could be fancy, glamorous, and good to see for parents but holds no relevance with kids. Franchisers provides with Fixed Designs. The child gets bored from such fixed designs very soon.   “Preschool For Child Rights” provides with interior design ideas having relevance for the Child, makes preschool beautiful and good to see, for the child.  Preschool is a place for the child, so “Preschool For Child Rights” provides you everything from the child’s perspective.  Although the design keeps on changing, entire operational time, effort and cost is very economical and not charged additionally, but included with the subscription of Curriculum.  
















































































If you wish to know more about ‘Preschool Curriculum and Kindergarten Curriculum’ from “Preschool For Child Rights” then you may go through the following pages :


View Presentation on Some Interesting Points of our Preschool Curriculum and Kindergarten Curriculum Click Here

Watch Welcome Webinar Click Here

Watch Webinar – Calculus in Preschool Click Here

View Comparison Chart of our Curriculum Versus Others Click Here

Click Here to read – “Montessori Curriculum – A Misnomer”

Click Here to see – “Entire List of Products & Services”



If you are an Entrepreneur planning to Start a New Preschool / Play School, Day Care / Child Care and School or a new Investor planning to take Franchise Offerings from any Preschool Franchisers then you would be interested in taking up various solutions from “Preschool For Child Rights”, you may follow below mentioned steps :


The First Step :


To Know EVERYTHING regarding ‘How to START and organise a Preschool’ and also ‘How to RUN and manage a Preschool’, you would require to purchase “Preschool Entrepreneurship Program“. To Know More about “Preschool Entrepreneurship ProgramClick Here.


The Second Step :


Pay Rs. 7,000 (Seven Thousand) only Per Hour, to have discussion with India’s Best Preschool Experts (Rewati Raman Sir and Abhidha Madam) and have answers to all your queries.



The Third Step :


Now your Preoperational exercise is over, and you would like to bring World’s Best Preschool Curriculum and Kindergarten Curriculum to your Preschool, available from “Preschool For Child Rights”. This entire Curriculum would be available on another website – www.PreschoolForChildRights.Info.
You will have flexibility to Pay Charge for Entire Curriculum in Lump sum or in Installment. With us your Average Cost for Curriculum Services would be Rs.2000 Per Month. Know More Click Here


When you purchase our “Preschool Entrepreneurship Program“, additionally you would also be able to see the Typical Day Schedule of Preschool and Kindergarten Programs being followed in the Preschool Curriculum of ‘Preschool for Child Rights’; so as to take the Final decision to seek the Preschool Curriculum Support from ‘Preschool for Child Rights’. (To know the Purchase Details / Price of complete Preschool Curriculum and Kindergarten Curriculum Click Here)

Pre-Kindergarten Programs –
Toddler / Play Group
Kindergarten Programs –
Jr. Kindergarten / L. KG.
Sr. Kindergarten / U. KG.


Subscription of www.PreschoolForChildRights.Com is beneficial for these –


  • Preschool / Play School, Day Care / Child Care, and Mainstream Schools conducting Preschool and Kindergarten Programs, interested to take their Academic Level to the highest possible Level of Excellence; with the Preschool Curriculum Support from ‘Preschool for Child Rights’.
  • New Entrepreneurs planning to Start a New Preschool / Play School, Day Care / Child Care and School
  • Investors planning to take Franchise Offerings of Preschool / Play School, Day Care / Child Care and School


How to Start a Preschool
Our Free Material on How to Start a Preschool is available here.
Outdoor Design and Painting for Preschool
List and Category of Outdoor Toys and Equipment Required at Preschool
List and Category of Indoor Toys and Equipment Required at Preschool
Low Cost Equipment and Toys – List and details
How to design the Layout of School – Classroom and other areas
Developing Sales Counselling and Marketing plan for your Preschool (Metro, Non-Metro and Smaller Towns and Cities, Rural Areas)
How to Manage a Preschool – Managerial Perspectives
How to Manage a Preschool – Administrative Perspectives – Documents, Registers etc

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Among many things, The ZERO Curriculum™ from “Preschool for Child Rights” includes Entire Dialogue; All required Information relating to Topics, Units, Themes & Content Areas; Questions to be posed to children; Quips; Behavioural inputs etc and is available in Text, PPT, Flash and Video format. Along with the Daily lesson plan it also includes Worksheets, Flash Cards, Cutouts, Teaching Aids, Puzzles, Activities etc.
To Understand, Experience and Deliver the Benefits in your School go for the Risk Free One Month Trial by just paying Rs. 11,000 (Eleven Thousand) Only.



“Preschool For Child Rights” is proud to be World’s BEST Curriculum provider and is also having the MOST Economical rates.


Communication and Sales platform of “Preschool for Child Rights” is www.PreschoolForChildRights.Com & Delivery platform of Online Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum & Consultancy of “Preschool for Child Rights” is www.PreschoolForChildRights.Org.





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