How to choose the Best Preschool for your Child

How to choose the Best Preschool for your Child

This Article shall help Preschooler’s Parents in Choosing the Best Preschool for their child

It is strongly suggested that Parents must go through the entire Article in a very proper manner and must also read each Article connected from this page.

If you are a parent, who is in real hurry and cannot go through much detail, then FIVE Point formula is suggested for you:

The Five Key points –

  1. How the teachers and principal is interacting with children – watch from the CCTV Camera, peek from the door / window, take a round of class room from outside
  2. Curriculum matters – (do remember that curriculum is like connecting the dots, even a single dot being left will not make a complete picture / story)
  3. Take a look around – any preschool, which is too clean and too quiet, means most things are wrong
  4. Ask questions – Ask relevant open ended questions from the Class Teacher and (after class teacher) from the Administrator / Principal
  5. Seek out resources from all available sources and get engaged with your child, remember that you are in INDIA and nothing, curriculum per say is even at ‘Just Pass’ level in the Preschools of India. To know more about it, Read this Article – Reality Check for Parents Preschools in India.


Finding the right school for your child would be a challenge in India. In India, you may not find the RIGHT Preschool for your child, but considering Cultural and Work Setting, even ‘Home Schooling’ is not an option in India. So start ranking the Preschools, which you come across and next step would be obviously to go for the Top Ranker…

Before proceeding any further, it is suggested that you should also read this article about Preschool education scenario in IndiaClick Here

Preschool Campus in Mainstream School :

Although, considering the ease of being progressed to Class 1, most of the parents go for Kindergarten Programs in the Mainstream Schools (that is Schools being run till 10 or 10+2).Recently, it has also been found that parents are even admitting their child in Preschool Programs in Mainstream Schools; this is not negligence but ‘Crime’ against the child. Considering various Child Development philosophies, it is clearly recommended that till Kindergarten Programs, only Preschools shall be preferred by parents.

Parents shall clearly understand ‘just for the ease of progression to Class 1’ they are forgoing learning of entire life by putting child in Mainstream schools for Preschool Programs (Toddler/Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Lower Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten). Additional information is worth mentioning here regarding the good practice of schooling. Good practice of schooling suggests that Primary School (Class 1 to Class 5) shall be separate from the Upper-Primary School. But, in India, because of POOR and WRONG, affiliation policies being adopted by popular Boards, it is not a possibility. So, what the Mainstream schools can do is to keep the entire facilities, transportation, transition of Primary Classes separate from the Upper – Primary classes.

More things to consider while choosing a Preschool for your child:

  • Be cautious about the “lure of going for Popular Preschool”. Popular, does not necessarily means Proper, in India, the contrary is true in maximum cases.
    Look for Staff, Facilities, and Location.
  • Curriculum, being the soul, flesh and body of any preschool, shall be given proper check.
  • Teacher Student Ratio shall be considered.


  • What would be the Typical Day of my child at the Preschool?
  • What is the Curriculum?
  • How the Curriculum is going to be delivered, any sample work, Live demo etc.
  • What all Content / Subjects and themes will be covered?
  • How such Subjects / Themes going to be delivered (you may ask for some example to explain this)?
  • Is there any specific issue regarding, safety, security and transition which you would like me to be informed?


  • Check and ask for any Safety/Security aspects/issues.
  • Check and understand from the discussion that Theme related activities are done throughout the day
  • Check that children are assessed on a regular basis, preferably daily and an observation register/folder/portfolio is maintained.

Socratic Approach – Socrates said, Know Thyself

Parents shall also look inward and seek answer to below mentioned things. Below mentioned question will not only help in choosing a preschool but will also help parents in deciding whether a preschool is required or Home Schooling will do.

The questions are:

  • Are you concerned about how much preschool might cost?
  • Does your child play well in group or individually?
  • What is your primary goal for your child’s preschool experience?
  • How important is structure and routine to your child?
  • How involved do you plan to be in your child’s preschool experience?
  • What do you think the role of preschool curriculum should be?
  • Does your child have any special needs? – Gifted Child, Child having Developmental delays.


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How to choose the Best Preschool for your Child

How to choose the Best Preschool for your Child

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