2010 to 2020: a decade of startups; Start your own

2010 to 2020: a decade of startups; Start your own

This decade 2010 to 2020 is definitely going to go down in history of mankind in a very great way.

Not, only that Government of India’s policies are targeted for the magic year 2020, but also for the reason that this entire decade of 2010 to 2020 is going to be filled up with wonderful things.

India never saw such an appropriate decade, since the time it had its own ‘Constitution’.

‘Startup’ word has traveled a lot. It has come out from just business pages and entered into the ‘main’ areas.

‘Startup’ political party lost and won and equally generated enough ‘buzz’ to motivate ‘normal’ people to enter into politics.

Several ‘Startup’ activists gained prominence and build their own brand, larger than the organization they work with.

One ‘Startup’ anti-corruption crusader (anna) came out from ‘one’ village to unite ‘ONE’ India, to stand for just ‘one’ cause.

Many ‘Startup’ journalists are identified with their First name rather than the positions they hold in their media organization.

‘Startup’ video channels of ‘youtube’ are equally popular and huge fan-following than ‘kapil sharma comedy nights’.

You must have been hearing about several ‘Startup’s making rounds and rounds of news.

‘Startup’ MOOCs got successful.

‘Startup’ novelists are selling their ‘cakes’, online as well as offline, they might not be winning some booker or earning huge like ‘Harry Potter’, but definitely they are earning their piece.

We have written an Article on ‘Entrepreneurship and Startup Innovation’, which is here – Click Here.

Now, some points which we feel that every ‘Startup’ person must know:

1. ‘Hobby’ is OK –

Don’t ever think that just because your idea/product/service gets branded as ‘hobby’, you cannot make a great business out of it.

2. You don’t always need Venture Capitalists –

Businesses don’t always need big VCs. You need VCs only when your business has potential of that scale, and, when you cannot grow your business in ‘steps’ (like first then second and so on).

3. Rupees One Crore is not that big amount –

Its simple mathematics that One Crore is not that big amount. If your annual revenue per customer is Rs. 25,000, then you just need 400 customers to reach One Crore.

4. Calculate and Collect your first line of customers –

Being ready with first line of customers is the best thing one may have. Having ready first line, will not only give you small assist in revenue, but will also provide you with necessary feedback.

5. You need not be an ‘MBA’ to market your ‘product/service/idea’ –

If you have enough time, then it’s always fruitful to go through Marketing book by Dr. Philip Kotler, Advertising by Aaker etc. But, that’s not necessary. Marketing is simple; you have a product/idea/service, now think of customers who can pay you.

6. ‘Patience’ –

Everything takes its own time (reasonable). Do not be a ‘desperate’ ready to press panic button easily. Good things takes time to fructify.

7. Not all business makes ‘crores’ that does not mean you should not make ‘lakhs’.

This is the most optimal time to start your own startup.

Don’t wait for what you don’t have like real huge money for marketing, an techie kind of IIT stuff; rather focus on what you already possess. Start following your passion and be a ‘Startup’ now ….


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