Preschool For Child Rights™

Established in 2009, by Abhidha Seth, this civil society organization embarked on a journey of commitment and service, eventually ceasing its active operations in 2015. Despite this, the website remains active as a digital memoir. It serves as an enduring testament to the organization’s legacy, preserving its history, achievements, and the impact it had during its years of operation. The website stands as a resource and inspiration for those who continue to work in or are interested in this field, offering insights and learnings from the organization’s experiences.

Past Story about Preschool for Child Rights™:

Preschool for Child Rights™ is dedicated to championing the cause of ‘Child Rights’ within various early childhood settings such as preschools, schools, play schools, childcare centers, daycares, family-based care, nurseries, and kindergartens.

Our mission is to spread awareness and advocate for the rights of children from birth to eight years old. We tackle various challenges in early childhood education by providing tailored solutions, including curriculum development, resources, and training.

Our organization is steadfast in its commitment to enlighten parents and early childhood education providers about the importance of high-quality preschool education and curriculum. We aim to make these essential educational tools widely accessible.

Preschool for Child Rights™ is resolutely focused on eradicating educational shortcomings and addressing issues in all preschool environments.

Our objectives are twofold and significant:

To instill a sense of responsibility among parents for safeguarding the constitutional and legal rights of their children.

To provide guidance and support to various preschools and schools with a curriculum that is not only educationally robust but also intellectually and spiritually enriching. This approach ensures that children’s rights are respected, allowing them to enjoy their childhood and develop holistically – physically, mentally, intellectually, spiritually, and culturally. This development is aligned with the spirit of inquiry and reform, as stipulated in the Fundamental Duties, Part IVA of The Constitution of India, enabling them to contribute positively to our democracy and humanity.

We are passionately committed to delivering on the promise of high-quality education for every child. In this spirit, we initiated the movement: Preschool for Child Rights™.

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