Preschool Entrepreneurship Program + Video Training

Preschool Entrepreneurship Program plus Trainer’s Videos


Preschool For Child Rights™ is now ‘Not-For-Profit’, so the Products and Services have been shifted to The ZERO Curriculum™.
Start New Preschool, Upgrade existing, Bring Curriculum, Join Training, Training on Campus and More Services. Just Go to The ZERO Curriculum™.

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Preschool Entrepreneurship Program plus Trainer’s Videos

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Preschool Entrepreneurship Program plus Trainer’s Videos

Code of the Program: PEPOVT-A

Whether, you intend to Start a New Preschool, Start a Day Care, or you want to upgrade your existing Preschool, or you need to train your new employees, or you need to improve your Admission Counsellor’s skills, or you need to train yourself for each elements of preschool; Preschool Entrepreneurship Program is suitable for you.

Preschool Entrepreneurship Program will empower you, regarding all these elements – Starting a New Preschool, Upgrading your existing Preschool, How to run a Preschool in a professional manner, How to manage a preschool in a professional manner.

Join PEP and empower yourself to Start & Manage a Preschool of World Standards

What it includes :

PEP is an endeavour to Train, orient and Educate you over all required elements of a Preschool.

It will include 18 main topics having many sub-topics (Presented in Text, PPT, Flash and PDF Format plus Trainer’s Videos).

What it ADDITIONALLY includes:


Trainer’s Videos is included in this product, so the price is a bit higher. Trainer’s Videos is NOT included in thisClick Here, (and so the price is lower than PEPOVT-A). Please note that many Preschool do not require Trainer’s Videos (you may discuss your requirement with us, we will suggest as per your need).


Price :

Rs. 41,000 (Forty One Thousand) Only

Add-on to PEP :-

Many Preschool Entrepreneurs are also interested in, below mentioned, additional customised services from us (these programs are only available to those who have purchased PEP, and additional price has to be paid, as mentioned below).

Remember that, all information relating to below mentioned Topics is already included in PEP, and you shall subscribe to below mentioned services only in case, you wish to seek our customised help. –

1. Seek our Help in Designing the Preschool and Designing the Layout of your classrooms, as per your customised site and need –

Price : Rs. 7,000 (Seven Thousand) Only

2. Seek our Help in Planning the Investment and Working Capital as per your Budget available in your hand –

Price : Rs. 9,000 (Nine Thousand) Only

3. Seek our Help in Evaluating whether Preschool Education Business is Suitable for you or Not

Price : Rs. 4,000 (Four Thousand) Only


How to Pay the Fee Click Here

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Among many things, The ZERO Curriculum™ from “Preschool for Child Rights” includes Entire Dialogue; All required Information relating to Topics, Units, Themes & Content Areas; Questions to be posed to children; Quips; Behavioural inputs etc and is available in Text, PPT, Flash and Video format. Along with the Daily lesson plan it also includes Worksheets, Flash Cards, Cutouts, Teaching Aids, Puzzles, Activities etc.
To Understand, Experience and Deliver the Benefits in your School go for the Risk Free One Month Trial by just paying Rs. 11,000 (Eleven Thousand) Only.


“Preschool For Child Rights” is proud to be World’s BEST Curriculum provider and is also having the MOST Economical rates.


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