How to plan your date of Purchase

How to plan your date of Purchase :


Two Important Things you shall take under consideration regarding planning for your date of purchase :


1. Our side – make your Payment at least 45 Days in advance :-

From the Date of Payment of First Installment, we will take at least 45 Days to activate your Online Account and start providing you services like worksheets, flash cards etc. So, from whatever date you intend bringing The ZERO Curriculum™ to you Preschool / School, finalise your purchase at least 45 Days prior to that.


Activation of services timelines:

  • Curricular Services –     45 Days from the date of First Installment being received
  • All other Services like Preschool Entrepreneurship Program –     5 Days from the date of Full Payment

2. Your side – many benefits of bringing it earlier – New Admissions, Marketing Plans, School’s Readiness :-

From your end also, you might like to start paying your Installments well in advance, so that you may present our Curriculum to your New Admission inquiries and also show its benefits to your existing admissions and retain them for your next academic session. Bringing The ZERO Curriculum™, to your School / Preschool well in advance, will also help you in spreading good word-of-mouth.

3. Almost Instant Activation of Services :-

For those Preschools and School, who got delayed in their decision making process and is in now hurry to access the Curriculum on ASAP (as soon as possible basis) – Preschools and Schools desiring to have almost Instant Activation of Services can get it done by paying an one time Additional Charge (lump-sum Payment) as mentioned below –


Charges for Almost Instant Activation of services :

  • Curricular Services –       Rs. 13,000 (Thirteen Thousand) Only
  • All other Services like Preschool Entrepreneurship Program –        Rs. 2,000 (Two Thousand) Only


Almost Instant Activation means that the User Account would be activated on the same date payment is realised by us.




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