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Preschool For Child Rights™ is a volunteer based organisation.

Earning ‘Profit’ is not evil, but, Preschool For Child Rights™ has ‘Not-for-Profit-Making’ Objective.

But, presently we are NOT seeking any Donation or other Financial help.

We have an extended arm – The ZERO Curriculum™, which provides Services to Existing Preschools (Day Care / Child Care / Nursery / Kindergarten / School / Family based Day Care), New Entrepreneurs, Preschooler’s Parents and more.

Whether you intend – Starting a new Preschool / Day Care / Child Care, Upgrade existing Preschool, Get yourself trained to be a successful Entrepreneur, Get your Admission Counsellor Trained, Get Your Teacher trained and Oriented; The ZERO Curriculum™ has all range of Services to suit your requirement.

To Support Us, please Subscribe to the Services from – The ZERO Curriculum.

Preschool For Child Rights™ also conducts Leadership Training to Owners, CEOs, Senior Management and Administrators of Preschool / School / Corporate / Company Owned and Managed preschools / Day Care / Child Care. To Support Us, please invite us to your Campus, write about your requirements at –


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