Preschool Franchise FAQs

Preschool Franchise FAQs

FAQs are made, by collecting Questions raised by all Preschool Stakeholders. We collected Questions over a very long period, however, if your Query / Question is not found here, then you may Submit it Here or Email at –



Q. I read these articles – Franchising in Education Sector in India; Franchising in Education : Buyer’s Beware; Preschool Franchise or Start your own Preschool?; does it mean that Franchising is a bad idea?

A. We are not generalizing that ‘Franchising’ is a bad idea, what we are reflecting is that in India Franchising in Education is not working properly. And, in Preschool segment Franchising is at nadir.



Q. I am planning to Start a Preschool Franchise chain, what do you suggest, should we go head with the plan or not?

A. Ethics and Moral are integral principles of a Business, if you are genuine about your services, you should go ahead with it. Appreciate the fact that wealth lost by an Entrepreneur is Nation’s loss. Additionally, poor Preschool Franchise model just makes a vicious cycle and gives rise to cycle of crime and cheating…

Mahatma Gandhi included ‘Commerce without Morality’ as one of the Seven Sins.




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