Our Curriculum Attributes vs Others

What makes “Preschool for Child Rights” the Best Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum of India

Below mentioned Attributes are just a snapshot, the entire list is endless, and to experience all, you might be interested to be a part of revolution or take a Trial.


Caveat Emptor! that means Buyers Beware!

The one and most important thing around which each aspect of preschool  revolves is the Curriculum and this is entirely missing from individual Preschools, Preschool chains and Preschool Franchise offerings.

In most of the cases, the Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum, being provided by others, is just a poor copy-paste of poorly designed ‘Syllabus’, generally found through search engines like Google, Bing etc. And, even worksheets are just a copied images i.e. copied random images from the internet, not having any proper relevance with any Learning Standards.

Such, copy-paste Curriculum is being provided by Individuals, Societies, Corporates, Preschool Chains, Companies.

Most of such so-called Preschool Curriculum providers do not even understand the relevance of designing the (even Syllabus) Syllabus properly, and do not have the competency to do so.

Just mentioning such lines and similar types of lines – ‘child will carry out mathematical operations, identify patterns, identify numbers‘, clearly shows that ‘even Syllabus is not designed properly‘, what to talk about Curriculum.  

Putting such line in Curriculum – ‘Teacher shall encourage child to speak, interact with others, communicate his (or her) ideas‘, clearly shows that the Curriculum Developer has picked up (copy-paste) the philosophy from somewhere, (and not able to understand it even) but do not know that ‘How exactly such thing could be done‘ ‘How such things could be delivered through any Preschool Activity‘.

So, in such cases the Preschool Curriculum is not half cooked, rather, so poorly cooked that in fact is completely in-consumable


Simplest understanding of Curriculum could be ‘What to teach’ and ‘How to teach it’. However, scope of Curriculum is very large and wide, Curriculum is more than some dance, some rhymes and some activities. Curriculum is the Total of all experiences available to the child. And, Curriculum is too much larger / bigger than Syllabus and Curricular Framework.

As a Preschool Curriculum and Kindergarten Curriculum seeker, you are able to understand the difference and in fact you should always make an endeavour to understand the difference between Great and Poor.



Our Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum is Guaranteed to be the Best Curriculum of India (see the Guarantee)

Check with others, if they provide you any Guarantee?


Freedom for Teacher and Principal

Our Curriculum provides – Option of Text, Slide Presentation, Video Curriculum, Video Training, following even the single mode will provide you with entire 220 Days of Curriculum. This is made so as to address all kind of Learners (in Training case, the Learner is Teacher and Principal) be it, Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic.

Very beautifully we have kept the Two Products – Curriculum and Curriculum + Video Training, completely separate, so that Preschools / Schools may make their Purchase decision as per their requirement. Preschools / Schools may discuss with us, whether they need just Text Version Curriculum or Text + Video Version of the Curriculum.

Illustration: If the user just keeps on clicking text format the user can have the entire 220 Days of Curriculum and also, if a user just keeps on clicking Video, the user will have the entire 220 Days of Curriculum (We are pioneer in such format and this is also one element which makes us Best Curriculum Delivery Training provider for Preschool and Kindergarten Programs)

Check with others, if they can provide you with such flexibility for Teacher and Principal?


Self Paced Learning for Teacher and Principal

Most of the time Administrators / Chairman of Preschools and Schools has this mindset / notion – “whatever kind of Curriculum I am going to bring, whatever kind of training I am going to do, my Teacher and Principal is never going to learn anything”.  But, such is not the case, in fact, the Teacher and the Principal,  wish to learn, it is just that most of them intends to do it at their own pace, at their own timings – may be slow, or may be fast.

The delivery of Curriculum learning has to happen in Classroom scenario at a different time and Learning of Teacher / Principal is happening at different time, so it doesn’t makes difference whether the Teacher is a slow Learner or a fast Learner.

The kind of Online Training and Curriculum system we have brought for you, has made everything possible – The Teacher and Principal learns at their own pace, The Preschool / School has the option to decide that they wish to go for Group Learning or Individual Learning.

Can any other Preschool Curriculum provider or Franchiser give you such kind of an flexibility and opportunity? 

Day wise Curriculum – 100% Ready Format

Our Curriculum is not “just in form of some books (which you will study and then will try to prepare your Curriculum / Day Plan)” or “some collection of worksheets (which you will sort and distribute over days, also in most cases such worksheets might also have no sync with concepts)” or “some collection of activities (on which you will break your brain to understand that what these activities will deliver to the child, also in most cases such activities will simply time-pass the child)” or “just some collection of rhymes”. But, Our Curriculum is in 100% Ready Format, ready enough to just deliver, it is in such ready format that teachers / principal just need to enact it.

E.g.  The concept of ‘seed’ is to be delivered by the teacher, so we have included everything, required dialogues to be spoken by the teachers, required drama to be enacted by the teachers, required activities, required follow up activities, and also the temperament of this concept is fitted properly. So, it is in 100% Ready Format, ready to deliver.

None provides Curriculum in 100% Ready Format, either it is just some books, or just some collection of worksheets, or just some collection of Activities, or just some collection of Rhymes. 

Self Training Format – Teacher, Principal Empowerment

Even our Text Version Curriculum is in ‘Self Training’ Format. Be it, the newcomers / plain graduates / plain higher secondary pass teachers, just by going through the Curriculum they would be empowered to deliver it in the Class room.

E.g.  We have Not left it to the teachers that they will learn about ‘Frog’ from some biology book, and then will decide about what shall be shared with the child. Rather we have empowered the teacher about the ‘Frog’, and also included the dialogues to be shared with the child. Additionally, our Curriculum is also flexible enough, so that Teachers may also add value from their side, if so desired. Although, we have made it 100% complete.

Schools / Preschools subscribing to Text Plus Video Training Curriculum, will of course has Training element as well. This caters to the kind of Teachers / Principal, who have remained absent from studies for quite long, and find it real tough to read from documents.

No other Preschool Curriculum provider or Franchiser give you such kind flexibilty and in the name of Curriculum, it will just remain to be a lip service. 

Delivery of the Curriculum i.e. Learning experienced by the Child

Best Syllabus, Best Framework of Curriculum and ultimately the Best Curriculum, and the most glaring aspect of entire Curriculum is that ‘how we are delivering it’ and ‘how the child is experiencing it’. The best activities has been used in the Curriculum, to deliver any Concepts / Themes / Units. The List of Activities used by us in endless and continuously evolving too, see the some List of Activities here – Click Here.

How our Curriculum is empowering the Teacher / Principal to deliver the Curriculum is also very appropriate and relevant. E.g. Sand Play is not just about hiding some toys in sand and leave the child to play with it. 

With other Preschool Curriculum provider or Franchiser, when the Curriculum itself is missing, what to speak about Delivery. 


Development of the Curriculum – Thorough and Complete

Correlating things, with what a child might be required to study is Class 11 (Grade 11) or Class 12 (Grade 12), having developed the well designed and most appropriate Syllabus for all Preschool and Kindergarten Programs, we passed it through various frameworks, and then its was passed through all kind of Preschool Education Philosophies, testing it on Developmentally Appropriate Practices, and many more Processes, circles of checks and balances, we arrived to our – “The ZERO Curriculum™ “.

None whatosever, which is required to be delivered in respective Programs, is missing from our Curriculum.

In case of other Preschool Curriculum provider or Franchiser, one just need to check, what they speak about their (copy pasted) Curriculum.


Continuous Research, Quick Update, immediate application

Continuous Research and continuous Feedback is a remarkable thing, which is available only with us. Even the Parents of your Preschool / School, will give you Feedback, once you put them on – “Parents as Partners”.

Preschools / Schools will appreciate that, our Curriculum is so good that we have made a beautiful process to even share it with Parents.

Being available Online, any New thing or any changes brought through Research or Feedback process, is applied immediately, which is again not at all a possibility with others.

These things are Not available with any other Preschool Curriculum provider or Franchiser.


Flexibility of usage – escape, re-read, revise, quick jumps, ready reckoner, daily reminder, purchase lists, weekly planning, monthly planning

Our Curriculum is very elaborate and complete, but it is also very user-friendly. The taxonomy, division of various elements has been done in such a manner that user has all kind of flexibility. Entire Curriculum is presented with a objective to save time and be elaborate and complete as well. The teacher already knows about something, may escape it. Entire reading can be done by the Teacher as per her own desire. Snapshot of week, snapshot of Month, is also available so that Teacher may discuss about it with parents very easily.

Can any other Preschool Curriculum provider or Franchiser, give you such kind of an flexibilty and usability?



With our Curriculum entire Curriculum, whether Text version or Text Plus Video Training, it is available for all 220 Days and each Activity, Art & Craft, Themes, Units, Content Areas etc.

With us, there is an Option to access Curriculum, as well as, Training, 24 / 7.

In case of others, even if the ‘Quality of Trainer’ is dropped as parameter, then ever, the Trainer will come for the designated Date and Time. What if the Teacher / Principal leaves, because of increased strength of school, New Teacher / Principal joins in. What if, you are not able to get proper Teacher. Remember, these are just regular phenomenon of Preschools of India.


Snapshot for Chairman / Managers

Option for Administrators / Principals / Managers / Chairman to quickly see the snapshot for entire Day / Month, and just have the understanding of ‘what is happening in school’ instead of going into entire detailed curriculum.

Check with others, if they can provide you with such an option for a Daily snapshot.


Time Saving Options

Our curriculum provides the Option with the user to directly jump to the desired video / text to view, this is useful when Teacher is in hurry to just check one or two things.

Check with others, if they can provide you with such an option to directly reach where Teacher requires to reach, in urgent situations or while doing Art & Craft Activity or preparing a purchase list.


Developmentally Appropriate Worksheets (Very High Numbers)

With our Curriculum you will have Developmentally Appropriate Customised Worksheets with your own logo and own preschool name.

Worksheets, in others case might just end up doing Rote Learning and might not be as well Developmentally Appropriate. So, in fact in others case you have paid a price in currency format and might again pay a price by delivering poor quality of education to children.


Poor Teacher and Poor retention of Teacher

The most glaring problem, a Preschool / School faces, is the Teacher –

1. Quality of Teacher is low in many cases,            

2. Teacher keeps on hopping  / leaving job,

3. New Teacher joins in mid of session,

4. Many a time a Teacher joins in the mid of the ongoing Month,

Our Preschool Curriculum and Preschool Curriculum Delivery Training addresses all such issues. The preschool / school just need to click on our ‘Delivery Website’ and the Teacher would be ready from the very First Day itself. This all is without incurring any additional charge…

In case of others, even if the ‘Quality of Trainer’ is dropped as parameter, then ever, bringing Trainer will cost you additionally and you will also be required to plan in advance, in most cases, which you can’t do.


Continuous Support

With our Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum, your school / preschool will get Support (Telephonic and Email) through the entire Academic Year. In our case, this is so easily done, because of our unique delivery methodology of the entire service.

Check with others, if they can provide you with such a service and how?



In our case, User Account, once activated will have Curriculum & Training available 24 / 7.

In our case, Preschools / Schools need not spend additionally on Trainer’s Cost.

In our case, Training would also be available 24 / 7.

In our case, Training on each required aspect is given. 

Illustration : Even the small aspect like type of Art / Craft paper being used, Materials, How to prepare stuff etc…everything is covered. That simply means we have covered things with such great detail that even a complete novice and Inexperienced Teacher will become the Best Teacher. Additionally, there is an option that those who are not interested in a particular Video Training / Text, they may easily escape it and proceed for things they are interested in, thus save their time.

Each Activities, Worksheets, Themes, Units, Content Area comes with already tested on all Childhood Development and Childhood Education Philosophies like Montessori Philosophy, Development Appropriate Practices, Jean Piaget, Child Centric, and many more… Teacher would not be required to do anything in this regard. 

Check with others, if they can provide you with such options as discussed above.


Zero Error and No Time pass work

Curriculum from “Preschool for Child Rights” – The manner in which we are using technology along with an adage of pure Curricular Knowledge, we possess, it became possible to check and recheck errors, which might come in case of any educational project. So, in fact our Curriculum is Error Free. And also, since everything is immaculately planned, there is no ‘time pass’ happening with respect to Training, like it generally happens when an poor Academic Trainer visits any preschool campus for training purpose. 

Check for the Quality of Trainers, who will came to your school/preschool campus, and also, look for the Quality Time they would be giving to your Teachers. Besides, also look if such training would be given to your Teachers on Each and Every Aspects and on Daily/Weekly Basis.



How Worksheets are made – Design, Art work, Style, Drawings, Line Draw etc

With our Curriculum you will have In-House developed, Developmentally Appropriate, aligned with curriculum, having assessment approach Worksheets with your own logo and own preschool name. All our worksheets are having proper drawings, proper line draws, proper formats and beautifully made.

Design and drawings of worksheets, in others case, be it popular franchisers or consultants or curriculum developers are simply copy-paste of images and design freely available on internet. In others case, the kind of worksheets which you will receive would be not at all sync with Curriculum, because most-importantly nobody else has properly developed curriculum. The kind of worksheets, which you will receive in others case would just be touching things at the surface only and not delivering any proper content areas.

Universal Feedback

In our case, regarding the Curriculum, you may collect Feedback from all sources – Teachers, Principal and All Parents of your School / Preschool. To understand more about it see – “Parents as Partners“.

From others, you will have such a poor Curriculum that one, you will find it tough to share with parents, two, you will not even try to seek Feedback from Parents, as there would be no scope for the same. After using other’s Curriculum for some time, you will start regretting your decision. 

Parent Inclusive

Present days Parents are very demanding and they are becoming more aware too, due to spread of IT. Everyday Parents raises questions (Click Here to see Questions), which Teachers / Principals finds tough to address. We have developed a beautiful Product to address this problem – Know More about the Product Click Here

None other has such Curriculum, inbuilt to address “Parents as Parents”.


Low Cost, Best Quality

Cost of our Curricular Services is very Low. Our entire Pricing Structure is very Economical. See entire List of Products & Services here

Nobody is even transparent or ethical enough to mention their Pricing in an open and transparent manner, and at last what one would end up paying is High Amount for completely useless things (in the name of Curriculum).

Installment Facility

Just to ensure that nothing in this world shall stop Preschool / School from using our Curricular Services, we have beautiful drawn Monthly Installment Facility. Installment Facility increases confidence of Preschool / School, as with Installment Facility, they have flexibility to Stop Paying Installment, in case they are not satisfied. We are so much confident of our offerings that we have very Long Monthly Installments. 

You may be in need to check with others, and it will surely be negative.

Customised for Each Preschool

Each Preschool / School has its own share of Challenges and Problems. We customise Curriculum for each Preschool / School, at No additional Cost. 

You need to check with others regarding customisation, but you will be able to do so, only if you have understood your requirement, or, if others will be able to understand your requirement.

Low Entry Cost

In addition to Installment Facility, even our Entry Charge is very low, so that no Preschool / School has any kind of fear about using our Curriculum. 

You need to check with others, and you will only have negative results.


No Risk

In our case, with a decision to purchase our Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum, basically you will not be having any risk, as Cost is very Low, Entry Charge is also very Low, Installment Facility is available, you may visit this –  Guarantee Page,  How to Pay the Fee Page, Refund Policy Page, List of Products & Services Page, to know more.

You must have now understood it better, isn’t it?

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Also, See the Comparison Chart of Contents of Preschool Curriculum being provided by other Curriculum providers  vs. Preschool for Child Rights™


Among many things, The ZERO Curriculum™ from “Preschool for Child Rights” includes Entire Dialogue; All required Information relating to Topics, Units, Themes & Content Areas; Questions to be posed to children; Quips; Behavioural inputs etc and is available in Text, PPT, Flash and Video format. Along with the Daily lesson plan it also includes Worksheets, Flash Cards, Cutouts, Teaching Aids, Puzzles, Activities etc.


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