Tips for New Kindergarten Parents

Tips for New Kindergarten Parents

As a parent we all want a child who believes he/she can learn and is eager to learn. For this, as parent, entire responsibility lies on us.

Although in India we do not have enough options among preschool / schools, but if you are fortunate enough to have options, choose your child’s kindergarten school very carefully.

Also, understand that Kindergarten is also a PRE–SCHOOL Program, that means a Preschool shall be opted and not the Mainstream School.
Parents are the child’s first teacher, being involved in your child’s education WILL make a Lot of positive difference.
Pay attention to the different aspects of your child’s development, to know different aspects Click Here.
There are many activities which you and your child engage in during each day that can be excellent learning experiences for your child. The important thing to remember is to support your child’s curiosity, imagination, and sense of wonder as she encounters each new learning experience.
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